These Signs Prove That Veterinarians Have Hilarious Senses Of Humor

Veterinarians perform a job that all animal lovers admire because they keep our pets healthy and safe. It’s not an easy profession to get into either, with many aspiring veterinarians either not being accepted into schools or failing to graduate. Just because a veterinarian is someone in a position of authority and respect, that doesn’t mean that they can’t have a sense of humor. Sometimes, humor is the best way to get someone’s attention, and that’s exactly what these vets did. Here are the funniest signs seen outside veterinarians’ offices.

No, They Would Not

No They Would Not

If you’ve ever owned a cat or have been around them enough, you know that cats really don’t need you all that much. They have no problem using you to feed them, clean up after them, and make them comfortable, but they will rarely do anything that benefits you.

Yes, they might be cute and entertaining to watch, but at the end of the day, they don’t need you as much as you might think. If your cat has use of a cell phone, you might as well not even give them your number.

Yes, Master

Yes, Master
KSU Veterinary Club/Facebook

Most dogs understand that they have an owner and respect them, and they often repay their owner for their care by showering them with unconditional love. They appreciate that you feed them, play with them, and love them, and they return it with loyalty and protection.

Cats, on the other hand, not so much. You can go above and beyond for a cat and they’ll most likely treat you as if you hadn’t done anything for them at all. Most cats seem to think that you enjoy waiting on them.

The Dreaded Cone

The Dreaded Cone

Most dogs and cats will act like they’re invincible until they find themselves in the car on the way to the vet. All of their confidence goes right out of the window and they’re suddenly shaking in their boots. What’s even worse than wearing a cone, however, is when they leave the vet wearing the awful cone of shame.

While us owners might chuckle at their misfortune, if you put yourself in their shoes, it’s easy to understand how miserable that would really be. Maybe one day they’ll come up with a better solution than the cone.

A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

A Parent's Worst Nightmare
Scorpio J/Pinterest

There’s nothing more horrifying to a parent than seeing their child drinking espresso while simultaneously being given a free puppy. If a veterinarian’s office threatens this as a punishment for leaving a child unattended, many parents might take the leash off their dog and put it on their child instead.

This way, the child will always be in their parent’s sight and far away from any espressos and puppies. Now, they won’t have to worry about dealing with a child on a caffeine high, begging them to let them take home a new puppy.

You Really Can’t Win

You Really Can't Win

Have you ever noticed that your cat is most indecisive when it comes to deciding which room they want to be in? If a door is closed they’ll be meowing to get in only to be meowing to get out just minutes later.

Now, you’re stuck in the cycle of letting them in and out because they know they can control you since us humans are weak. They’re well aware that if they annoy you enough you’ll do their bidding just to get them to be quiet. Moral of the story, never close your door if you have a cat.

Lucky Dogs!

Lucky Dogs!
Bored Panda/Pinterest

Surely, there would be a lot of patients at St. Joe’s if the belly rub rule didn’t only apply to animals. People would be taking in their pets to the vet numerous times a week just to get a free belly rub out of it.

Granted, that would be totally weird, but some people might be into that kind of stuff. So, instead, do it for your own dog so they can get some love from someone else other than you. It’s still a good thing they clarified themselves with this sign.

That Would Be Quite The Job

That Would Be Quite The Job

It seems that this veterinarian thinks that people don’t take their animals in for a checkup as often as they should. This is important because you can’t always tell if your pet is sick or in pain, so you might be able to catch if there’s something wrong before it’s too late.

So, to grab the attention of the public, they put up this hilarious sign. Although it isn’t meant to be taken seriously, it might have encouraged some people to schedule an appointment. On a side note, could you imagine what it would be like to be a dinosaur veterinarian?

Belt It Out!

Belt It Out!
We Love Cats and Kittens/Pinterest

There’s nothing like a veterinarian pun every now and then to make a trip to the vet that much more eventful. Too bad your pets can’t read because a joke like this might help them to feel a little more comfortable before going inside the dreaded vet’s office.

We wonder if they change their sign regularly with new lyrics. We’re sure that it helps to attract business because it makes their office stand out, unlike most other animal hospitals.

Like The Speed Of Light

Speed Of Light
Marysa Bernard/Pinterest

While there isn’t really anything wrong with the 5-second rule if you drop a piece of food on the ground, that rule tends to not exist if you have pets in the house, especially dogs. Many of them spend the majority of their time eagerly waiting for you to make that fateful mistake of dropping a piece of food.

Once you do, they’re like the Flash and gobble it up usually before you even noticed that you had dropped it. Just make sure you don’t drop something you were really looking forward to eating!

In The Words Of Sir-Mix-A-Lot…

In The Words Of Sir-Mix-A -Lot

We hope you get the play on words here because it’s actually pretty clever. While Sir-Mix-a-Lot’s original version of “Baby Got Back” might be a little bit more inappropriate than this sign, this veterinarian’s office certainly managed to transform it into something cute and innocent.

We’re sure that this office loves their fair share of big mutts and we’re also sure that this sign gave plenty of people a good laugh as they drive by. You’d be missing out if you didn’t take your dog to this vet.

We See What You Did There

The More You Know
John Lemos/Pinterest

Although the sign is meant to be funny, it is also getting the point across to encourage people to neuter their male pets. Jokes aside, this veterinary hospital is truly trying to encourage pet owners to neuter their dogs for the good of both the dogs and their owners.

Not only does neutering your dog help to prevent unexpected pregnancies, but it also helps make dogs less aggressive, less wild, and like the sign says, overall less “nuts.”

Solid Life Advice

Solid Life Advice

Considering that dogs are one of the least stressed and happiest animals on the planet, they’re probably doing something right. So, the next time that you’re feeling particularly overwhelmed or stressed, just think about what your dog might do and imitate that.

If that means peeing on the furniture or eating an entire loaf of bread and laying in the grass, so be it. They’re clearly doing something right and maybe it’s us that have been doing it wrong the entire time.

Thor’s Loyal Best Friend

Thor's Loyal Best Friend
Bored Panda/Pinterest

This one goes out to all of the Marvel fans out there. While Thor is only great, could you imagine if he had a trusty K-9 sidekick named Labrathor? We think that would make that superhero storyline even better.

We’re not too sure how the dog would wield a hammer, but labs are smart enough we’re sure it would find a way. Let’s be honest with ourselves, one of these superheroes needs a dog, so why not Thor?

It Doesn’t Matter What They Eat

It Doesn't Matter What They Eat
Molly Ehamm/Pinterest

While dogs and other pets have been known to throw up their food on occasion, few rarely do it as frequently and consistently as the feline. Surely, there’s some biological explanation behind it, but it’s not unusual to hear your cat start to regurgitate their food as you frantically try to get them outside.

Or even better, when you see a fresh present on the living room carpet when you walk through the door. To top it off, they’ll probably start meowing that they’re hungry not long after.

Speaking The Truth

Speaking The Truth
Next in Line Inc./Twitter

Although legendary rapper Tupac Shakur might have meant something slightly different in his original quote, it’s clear that most pup owners took it to heart, except in terms for their favorite dog breed If you pay attention, you might notice that most pug owners either have more than one pug or are simply loyal to the breed.

So, there must be some truth in this sign, because it’s clear that owning a pug admits you into the exclusive society of pug owners.

A Decorated Olympian

A Decorated Olympian
Bored Panda/Pinterest

If cats aren’t busy purposefully knocking things off of counters or flying around the house, chances are that the’re sleeping. Even if you feel bad for leaving them alone at home for extended periods of time, they’re more than likely fine, having sweet dreams about endless amounts of wet food and fresh toys to play with.

They’re professional sleepers although it’s curious how such a small animal can sleep so much. We guess it might be an exhausting life being a house cat.

You Don’t Say…

You Don't Say
Bored Panda/Pinterest

These days, it wouldn’t be surprising if some people didn’t know that you couldn’t just drop your pet off like picking up food from a fast food restaurant. People tend to want to make things as easy as possible for themselves, so taking the time to make an appointment and take their pet to the vet isn’t always at the top of their to-do list.

Nonetheless, it’s important that you do it, even if it means making an appointment and physically walking into the vet’s office.

Never Pass Up A Dental Deal

Never Pass Up A Dental Deal
Bored Panda/Pinterest

If you’ve ever had a dog get right up in your face with its mouth wide open, it probably opened your eyes to the fact that dogs need help with their dental hygiene too. Although dog teeth are different and much more durable than human teeth, that doesn’t mean that their mouth doesn’t need any attention.

This sign helps to remind people to take care of their animals’ teeth while providing a joke at the same time. Hopefully, this helped raise awareness to some pet owners that drove by and saw it.

Shots Fired!

Shots Fired
Katie S/Pinterest

We can only imagine where this veterinary hospital is located if it’s willing to throw so much shade at NFL New England Patriots fans. In case you were unaware, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was accused of cheating by deflating footballs.

Well, this veterinary clinic is known for deflating “balls” by neutering male dogs. We’re sure this sign brought in a lot of customers that hated the NFL team, but they also most likely lost business for the exact same reason.

Always Nice To Have Reassurance

Daphne Weber/Pinterest

Sometimes, it’s nice to have the reassurance that your pets really do love you and that they’re not just pretending in order to use you. This veterinary clinic wanted to give people that friendly reminder with a funny little twist at the end.

While this might go over a lot of children’s heads, it’s definitely directed towards an older crowd. It’s a funny way for the office to be a little naughty while still keeping things innocent and humorous.

Say No To Animal Testing

funny-veterinarian-signs - animal testing
Highland Road Animal Hospital/Facebook

Are you a good test taker? Not many of us are and that’s one problem with society. Perhaps coming up with new ways to determine how much someone knows on a subject should happen. This vet seems to agree.

Imagine your poor little kitten getting prepared for a test and he or she didn’t study. Chances are they’re going to fail. Let’s say no to animal testing. It doesn’t help that much and it harms the animals.

Doggy Magicians Sound Cool

funny sign about magicians

This sign almost sounds like a dad joke, but we won’t go that far. What do you call a dog magician? If anyone in their right mind can figure this out without seeing the answer then they are omnipotent.

Who would be able to guess that the answer is labracadabrador? Do crickets comes up to this vet so they can chirp at this sign outside? We’re not saying it isn’t funny, it’s just a bit of a stretch. Still we know many will love this.

Owners Everywhere Can Appreciate This

funny-veterinarian-signs about paws and alarms
Highland Road Animal Hospital/Facebook

Having a pet dog comes with many benefits. They provide unconditional love, they can fetch things for you, and they can serve as a personal alarm clock. Oh, you weren’t aware of that feature?

Dog owners can relate to this sign because it happens far too often. An hour before your alarm goes off, you can bet that your four-legged friend will be coming up to your face with licks to spare. Go purchase a dog and find out.

Watch Your Little Pal Fetch

funny-veterinarian-signs- about balls your dog fetches
Eau Gallie Veterinary Hospital/Facebook

Getting your dog fixed isn’t something owners are proud of, but its something that does need to happen sometimes. Your poor little pooch might be out of commission for a while, but he’ll bounce back better than ever.

You know what else bounces? Balls, and dogs love bouncy balls. They’re the only type he needs according to this vet and we appreciate this clever sign. Some might find it inappropriate, but it gets the point across in a funny way.

The New Kitty Purry Single

funny-veterinarian-signs-kitty purry
Highland Road Animal Hospital/Facebook

Katy Perry kissed a girl and she liked it. Fans appreciate her honesty and the song became one of the biggest hits in the past twenty years. Kitty Purry wanted to one up her.

Purry kissed a pug and many thought she wouldn’t like it. A pug and a cat? Get real, that isn’t something you see every day. If you do, we’d like to know what part of the world you live in so we can witness this too.