This eight month old baby took a nap with a kitten and it’s crazy adorable

Adorable Baby and Kitten

When an 8-month-old baby recently fell asleep her new kitten named Eevee decided to join her for a nap.

The little girls mother decided to film the adorable pair. “They fell asleep together. This is them waking up. Yeah, it’s the cutest ever,” the girl’s mother said.

Like many other videos it’s titled “Cutest Video Ever,” and it might just be right on the money with that claim this time. As the little baby wakes up she gives the kitten tons of cuddles and flashes the sweetest and most innocent smile.

This little baby is already learning how to lovingly cuddle with animals which is a great life lesson. As an added bonus, experts have claimed on numerous occasions that raising children with little furry friends greatly reduces they chances of developing asthma and allergies.

Check out all the love in the video below: