This Family Was at a Loss When Their Very Pregnant Dog Refused to Give Birth

Chris Hughes and Mariesa Caliguire live just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. They have dedicated their lives to helping animals in need. They understand that animals need love, support, and a place to call home. They’ve been able to share their home with so many wonderful animals.

While this couple is normally able to adopt animals without a hitch, they ran into some trouble when they adopted a dog with a serious medical condition. Chris and Mariesa had to act fast to save this new member of their family.

Meet Chris and Mariesa

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Chris Hughes and Meriesa Caliguire work together to save dogs who have been abandoned or abused. Their shared passion for helping animals has brought them closer together as a couple. They got their first dog Moses early in their relationship, and since then, almost every aspect of their lives has revolved around caring for canines.

These two people are entirely dedicated to the animals they take in to their home.

One Big Happy Family

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It started with one dog, a furry friend named Moses. One dog turned into two, two dogs turned into three, and by 2013, they’d adopted eight dogs in total. These dogs were all different ages, breeds, colors, and sizes. They kept Chris and Mariesa’s lives very interesting.

Chris and Mariesa started to think that they shouldn’t be keeping all of that fun and excitement to themselves. That’s when they got a brilliant idea.

Life In The Doghouse

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Chris and Mariesa had so much fun watching their dogs learn, grow, and play that they thought other people should enjoy that too. They started their own online reality show called Life in the Doghouse.

It took a few years, but eventually, their YouTube channel gained a loyal following. People would subscribe to the channel to keep up with all of the chaos in this house full of dogs.

Another Addition To The Family

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Mariesa and Chris definitely had their hands full with a whole household of dogs, but they weren’t quite ready to say that their family was complete yet. They talked regualrly about bringing another dog into their home. They knew that there were so many dogs out there in the world who needed homes, and their home had turned into a dog’s paradise.

They decided that they should expand their family.

So Many Dogs To Choose From

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Chris and Mariesa got to work researching different kennels and looking into the dogs that were available for adoption. In the fall of 2013, the couple drove over the Cuyahoga County Kennel where they saw literally hundreds of sad puppy dog faces.

Mariesa wanted to take home each and every one of the dogs, but she knew that realistically, they only had room in their home for one more animal.

Meet Storie

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There’s something special that happens when you see “your dog” among all of the other dogs in an animal shelter. Of course you want to take all of them home, but when you see “your dog,” the thought of leaving the shelter without them becomes unbareable.

As soon as Chris and Mariesa saw Storie, they knew she was theirs. The three of them shared an instant connection— but there was something different about Storie.

Seven Dogs In One

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After taking one look at Storie’s enormous, swollen belly, Chris and Mariesa knew that she was pregnant. The staff at the shelter told the couple that Storie was expecting six puppies any day now. The staff members said that she thought Storie was actually overdue.

The puppies should have arrived already, but for some reason, it was taking them a while to decide that they were ready to come out.

A Tough Decision

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Mariesa and Chris didn’t know what to do. They really wanted to help Storie, and it didn’t feel right to leave her at the shelter, but they already had so many dogs back home. They wondered if they’d be up to the challenge of taking care of six puppies as well as their mother.

Could they really handle this adorable pit bull who so desperately needed their help? What about her litter?

The Only Good Choice

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Even though they knew it would be difficult, Mariesa and Chris just couldn’t leave the shelter without Storie. They decided to take a leap of faith and welcome Storie into their home.

Once they arrived home, they introduced Storie to her new brothers and sisters. All of the dogs were very excited and happy, but pretty soon Storie started showing signs that she wasn’t feeling well. She wasn’t as energetic as she should have been in that moment.

Could It Be The Puppies?

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Chris and Mariesa thought that Storie might be feeling lethargic because of her pregnancy. Storie had been pregnant for a long time, and she was probably very uncomfortable. They remembered what the staff member at the shelter said about Storie possibly being overdue.

After doing some research, Chris and Mariesa learned that sometimes, in high-stress situations, dogs can refuse to give birth. They were worried that this was happening with Storie.

A Trip To The Vet

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Mariesa and Chris treated Storie’s declining health as an emergency. They got in the car and rushed to the vet. Storie clearly wasn’t feeling well. She was whimpering in the back seat during the whole car ride. All of the other dogs watched Storie, Chris, and Mariesa drive away.

It looked like they were all worried about the fate of their new friend and her puppies. What was going to happen to them?

An Ultrasound For A Pregnant Pup

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When the vet first saw Storie, he was seriously concerned. He thought that there might be something wrong with the puppies or with the pregnancy in general. The vet set up an ultrasound so he could take a look at what was going on inside Storie’s belly.

Chris and Mariesa hoped that the ultrasound would give them some answers. They hoped that the vet could help Storie give birth safely.

How Many Puppies?

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What they saw on the ultrasound completely surprised everybody in that room. The staff member at the shelter had said that Storie was most likely pregnant with six puppies. When the vet looked at the ultrasound, he couldn’t believe what he said.

He could clearly make out not just six puppies — but 12 individual puppy bodies. Those puppies needed to come out soon or both Storie and the puppies could be at risk for some serious health complications.

What To Do Next

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Mariesa and Chris thought that Storie might need a c-section, but the vet informed them that a surgery like that would be too dangerous. It was all up to Storie now. She had to deliver her puppies on her own.

Chris and Mariesa did everything they could to make Storie feel comfortable. They left her alone for the night and what they woke up to the next morning was unbelievable.

The Miracle Of Life

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When Chris and Mariesa woke up in the morning, they saw that Storie had given birth to 12 beautiful puppies. It was almost as though Storie was holding on to her puppies until she knew that she was in a safe space.

Chris was so happy to see that Storie and her puppies were happy and healthy. Now Storie could get some well-deserved rest. Chris hugged Storie because she was so happy that she was okay.

Now What?

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Now that they knew Storie and the puppies were healthy, Chris and Mariesa got to work figuring out how they were going to handle 12 puppies and nine dogs. Now they had 21 dogs in their house, which was way more than they bargained for.

Even the most experienced dog owners and dog trainers would have trouble taking care of that many dogs. Chris and Mariesa were working around the clock to keep their home in order.

A Big Life Change

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Chris and Mariesa realized that they were in over their heads. They knew that they couldn’t keep all 12 puppies. They worked hard to make sure that each of the 12 puppies could go to a loving home as soon as they were old enough to leave Storie.

Fortunately, the couple’s YouTube audience was quick to scoop up each and every one of the little dogs. That wasn’t the only change for Chris and Mariesa’s household.

A Home For Everyone

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Chris’s best friend Ryan saw that Chris and Mariesa were overwhelmed with their nine dogs, plus he had developed a special bond with Storie. Ryan offered to adopt Storie so Chris and Mariesa could have a bit more space. The couple happily accepted and Storie made way to her new home.

They would still be able to see Storie any time the wanted, and they knew that she was in a good and loving home.

Finally Time To Relax

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It had been a crazy few days. Chris and Mariesa were so busy dealing with Storie and her pups they barely had a minute to themselves. When things started to go back to normal— well, normal for Chris and Mariesa— the couple felt like they could finally sit down and relax.

But right when they were starting to relax, Chris asked Mariesa something that really threw her for a loop.

Wedding Bells And Wagging Tails

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Chris asked Mariesa to marry him, and she very excitedly said yes. A few months later, they made their commitment official in front of all of their family and friends. Of course, they had their dogs at their wedding ceremony.

Their dogs are part of their family and they couldn’t get married without them. Maybe they’ll have a kid (or 12) of their own in the near future.

Another Dog Tale

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Storie’s abnormal behavior was due to her complicated pregnancy, but some dogs behave weirdly and the reason why isn’t so clear. One woman noticed that her pet Doberman named Kahn was behaving abnormally. His behavior was concerning, but when he grabbed her daughter with his mouth, his owner really freaked out.

This dog was typically very even-tempered, but something just made him snap. Keep reading to find out what it was.

A Real Good Doggo

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Kahn belongs to Catherine Svilicic of Australia. Catherine knew what everybody said about Dobermans. She knew that they had a dicey reputation. She had also heard about rescue dogs who had trouble adjusting to family life.

Catherine thought Kahn was different though. He was so sweet when she first adopted him and he had become her best friend. Catherine was certain that she had adopted a fundamentally well-behaved dog.

A New Family

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Catherine and her husband knew that Kahn might have some issues because of his past. Kahn was taken from a home where he was abused daily and placed in an animal shelter. Catherine had been warned about dogs like Kahn, but when she met this gentle giant, she knew that he would never hurt her.

Catherine had no problem introducing Kahn to her 17-month old daughter, Charlotte.

Fast Friends

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Charlotte and Kahn developed a bond very quickly. Kahn would sleep outside of Charlotte’s room and he always made sure to keep a watchful eye on her. Charlotte was obsessed with Kahn and she was always petting him and smiling at him.

Just days after Catherine adopted Kahn, Charlotte and Kahn were playing together in the family’s garden. Then Catherine noticed something that really frightened her. What she saw would frighten any mother or pet owner.

A Confusing Sight

Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

When Catherine looked into the garden, she saw something that completely shocked her. Kahn was barking, snarling, and pushing Charlotte around. Catherine was totally frightened. She realized that she had only known this dog for a few days and she started to question everything about him.

Catherine inched closer to the dog. She needed to protect her daughter. She wasn’t sure what was going on, but she knew she needed to get involved.

A Terrifying Moment

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Catherine moved slowly towards the dog as not to startle him or cause him to attack her daughter, but then before she could react, Kahn grabbed Charlotte by her diaper and flung her across the yard. Catherine’s motherly instincts kicked in and she raced towards her child.

She was still extremely confused by everything that had just happened. She was so sure that Kahn would never hurt her or her family.

It Just Didn’t Make Sense

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Catherine started running towards Charlotte. Charlotte was clearly upset and the dog was still snarling at something. Catherine couldn’t figure out how this gentle dog could transform into something completely different in an instant.

She didn’t understand what could have provoked this totally abnormal behavior. While Catherine was moving towards Charlotte, she saw something that made her rethink everything she had just seen. It was the missing piece of the puzzle.

The Truth Comes Out

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Little Charlotte was pointing towards something that was sliding away into the grass. Catherine quickly understood what made Kahn act so aggressively. He wasn’t trying to hurt Charlotte, he was trying to protect her.

He was trying to protect her from that thing in the grass that could have seriously hurt them both. So what was the thing, you ask? It was terrifying and could have seriously injured both Charlotte and Kahn.

A Venomous Enemy

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Catherine realized that both Kahn and Charlotte had seen a large king brown snake slithering in the grass. These snakes are one of the most venomous breeds of snake in Australia (and Australia is home to quite a few venomous animals).

Catherine saw that Kahn wasn’t trying to hurt Charlotte, he was actually trying to move her out of the way of this reptile that could bite and poison her.

A New Target

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Kahn was able to save Charlotte by throwing her out of harm’s way. He was even able to avoid hurting her with his teeth by grabbing on to her diaper instead of her arm or her leg.

Kahn had successfully tossed Charlotte out of the way, but that meant that he was the snake’s new target. Kahn was looking at the snake right in the eye, refusing to back down.

Kahn Faces The Danger

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After Catherine ensured that Charlotte was okay and that she wasn’t seriously hurt, she turned her attention back to Kahn. She realized that Kahn was now in serious danger and she had to act quickly if she was going to stop him from being bitten.

Catherine wasn’t sure what to do. She tried to call Kahn away from the snake, but he wouldn’t budge. Kahn wasn’t going to let the snake hurt his family.

A Vicious Attack

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Kahn was able to save Charlotte, but he wasn’t able to get himself away from the snake in time. The snake lunged at Kahn and bit him right on his front paw.

Kahn immediately collapsed on the ground and started whimpering. Catherine was in complete shock. Everything had happened so quickly. When Catherine was sure that the snake was gone, she moved closer to Kahn to see how serious the bite was.

This Is What A Hero Looks Like

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Catherine walked over to Kahn and saw that he was in a lot of pain. Catherine knew she had to help this animal who had just saved her daughter’s life. She was going to do whatever it took to make sure Kahn made a full recovery.

She scooped up the heavy dog and put him in her car. He was heavy, but Catherine was determined to help him. She drove as fast as she could to the vet.

A Trip To The Vet

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Catherine and Charlotte rushed Kahn to a nearby veterinary clinic. They were hoping that the vet would be able to administer some kind of anti-venom. They just hoped they would be able to get the anti-venom before it was too late.

Catherine drove quickly to get Kahn to the vet as fast as she could. Charlotte looked frightened and Catherine was worried, but they had to do everything they could to save Kahn.

On The Road To Recovery

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Kahn put up a good fight. He was in rough shape, but he was able to pull through. His first night at the clinic was difficult, but with the attention and care of the veterinary team, Kahn looked a lot better the next morning.

He had even developed an appetite and he was able to eat some breakfast when he woke up. It looked like everything was going to be okay.

A Full Recovery

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Kahn still needed some time to heal, but his wound wasn’t looking too bad, and he was able to receive the anti-venom quickly enough that he didn’t suffer from the effects of the poison for very long.

It was the best outcome that Catherine could have hoped for. Kahn had a small bandage on his paw, but other than that he looked as graceful and as perfect as ever. Catherine and her family were overjoyed.

Nine Years Later

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Catherine is so thankful that she chose to adopt Kahn all those years ago. Charlotte is now nine years old, and Kahn is still her best friend. Catherine was able to give Kahn a loving home and a big yard to play in, and Kahn was able to give Catherine peace of mind. She knew that Kahn would always look out for her daughter.

Kahn may have had a troubled past, but he certainly has a bright future.

The Best Decision They Ever Made

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When Catherine adopted Kahn, she had no idea that he would save her daughter’s life or do so much for her family. She just knew that he looked like he needed a break in life, and she was willing to be his guardian angel.

It turns out, it was actually Kahn who was the guardian angel. He put his life on the line for his family. We really don’t deserve dogs.