This Four-Year-Old Girl Is Amazing Us With Her Red Carpet Recreations

Stefani and her mother Alya are the mother-daughter team that is taking over our Instagram feeds. They started out by taking unique “dress up” photos using the power of perspective. Alya would hold up a watermelon or pineapple to look like a dress on Stefani.

Now, Stefani has been working on her arts and crafts skills to bring us the hottest A-list fashion looks from the red carpet. Using everyday items like tin foil, cardboard, and garbage bags, Stefani is recreating everyone from Angelina Jolie to Katy Perry’s stunning looks. This mother-daughter duo is giving us some serious fashion inspiration.

Zendaya Has Some Young Hollywood Competition


Photo credit: @seasunstefunny / Instagram

Stefani and her mom had a difficult task ahead to recreate a brown leather dress with a bell-shaped skirt. To get the soft-yet-rigid look, they went with strips of cardboard. Stefani topped off playing dress up by attempting to stand up straight in a pair of her mom’s heels.

Zendaya served up a look as sweet as a Hershey’s kiss at the 2018 MTV Awards. Her style guru Law Roach handpicking this August Getty dress.

She’s Still Stefani From The Block

jlo .jpg

Photo credit: @seasunstefunny / Instagram

Jennifer Lopez has given us some memorable Grammy looks. We’ll never forget that green Versace dress from the 2000 Grammys. Stefani is a little too young to recreate a dress with a cut that goes down to her belly button, so they chose to do J-Lo’s 2011 Grammy look instead.

They couldn’t afford the crystals that went into the original Emilio Pucci minidress, so tin foil was the next best option.

That’s One Way To Play With Dolls

lady gaga.jpg

Photo credit: @seasunstefunny / Instagram

Stefani is only four years old, so she probably has a lot of stuffed animals and dolls lying around her house in Turkey. So I’m sure it was a no-brainer to do this Lady Gaga look from her 2009 Hello Kitty photoshoot.

I bet Stefani’s teacher didn’t believe her when she showed up to school on Monday and told her what she did with her dolls over the weekend. Continue on to see how Stefani and Ayla turned a single piece of paper into an A-list look.

Even Blue Garbage Bags Can Serve Up Australian Chic

nicole kidman blue.jpg

Photo credit: @seasunstefunny / Instagram

Nicole Kidman is one of the most glamorous Hollywood starlets. The Australian actress never disappoints on the red carpet, and her 2018 Oscar dress was no exception.

Stefani’s recreation is a pretty close match but doesn’t have the same structure and stiffness that Kidman’s Armani Privé gown has. I bet Kidman didn’t get to rip off the over-sized bow and laugh about it like Stefani did.

The Tin Foil Necklace Brings The Entire Outfit Together

nicki minaj.jpg

Photo credit: @seasunstefunny / Instagram

Nick Minaj has never been afraid to choose a bold look for the red carpet. This multicolored gown is covered in thousands of colorful disks that formed 3D flowers. Minaj’s dress was a $15,000 Oscar de la Renta original, so Stefani and Ayla had to get creative.

Instead of spending hours creating 3D flowers, they figured tinsel and tin foil would work just as well. If you stand back and squint, you can barely tell the difference!

Stefani’s Dress Looks Closer To The Real Thing Than Katy’s

katy perry.jpg

Photo credit: @seasunstefunny / Instagram

Katy Perry pulled out all the stops for the 2017 Video Music Awards. Not only was she hosting, performing, and taking home a bunch of awards, but she was also giving us timeless style with this ultra-structured Stéphane Rolland gown.

The gown is so structured that it almost looks like a piece of plain white paper, which is exactly why Stefani’s recreation is so perfect. Keep reading to see what unforgettable Björk look that Stefani and Ayla tackled.

Ayla And Stefani Know How To Have Fun With It

model holding head.jpg

Photo credit: @seasunstefunny / Instagram

The best part about this mother-daughter duo’s special project is that they love to have fun. On their Instagram account, you can find videos of Stefani posing, laughing, and having a blast.

Their attempt to recreate this look from the 2018 Gucci spring runway wasn’t easy, but the two made it work. Stefani’s dress doesn’t look anything like the models, but no one’s looking at that anyway.

Stef Is Serving The Same Look As Angie, And I’m Impressed

angelina jolie .jpg

Photo credit: @seasunstefunny / Instagram

Angelina Jolie has often been viewed as one of the world’s most beautiful women. Her innate beauty is hard to recreate, but I have to say, Stefani is doing a pretty good job.

Not only did Ayla perfectly recreate the black drapery using garbage bags, but Stefani has the hand on the hip, and right leg posed to perfection. She might not fit into her mom’s heels yet, but one day the shoe might fit.

You Can’t Recreate Celebrity Looks Without Covering Björk’s Swan Dress

bjork swan dress.jpg

Photo credit: @seasunstefunny / Instagram

Let’s face it, we all would have been slightly disappointed if these two didn’t try to recreate one of the most memorable dresses in red carpet history. For those of you who don’t remember, Icelandic singing Björk wore this feathered dress to the 2001 Oscars, and even stopped to “lay an egg” on the red carpet.

It’s been 17 years, and we’re all still talking about it, but I’m ready to switch to talking about Stefani’s take on the unforgettable look. Next, see three different Rihanna looks that might be better than the originals.

Riri Is A Permanent Style Icon

rihanna gold dress.jpg

Photo credit: @seasunstefunny / Instagram

Rihanna is a fashion chameleon. She can wear whatever, whenever, and within a week it will be the next big trend. As far as red carpet looks go, this gold dress Riri wore to the Ocean’s 8 premiere in London in one of her more tame looks.

For Stefani and Ayla, all it took was some gold colored gift wrap paper and a perfect top knot, and they were ready to strut their stuff.

I Don’t Think The Vatican Let Stefani Borrow That Tin Foil Headpiece

rihanna met gala.jpg

Photo credit: @seasunstefunny / Instagram

Rihanna was the honorary co-chair for the 2018 Met Gala and did not disappoint. She always goes over the top and sticks to the theme, so when it was announced that 2018’s gala was about Catholicism, she showed up dressed like as the Pope.

It’s hard to recreate a look that is covered head to toe with crystals and pearls, but Stefani’s tin foil bishops headpiece is pretty close. Hopefully, Stefani doesn’t get the same backlash Riri did.

I Don’t Know Who Is Cooler

rihanna blue .jpg

Photo credit: @seasunstefunny / Instagram

Even when she’s not on the red carpet, Rihanna is showing us all up. This photo snapped of Riri in her hotel hallway in this blue gown changed our idea of fashion. If anyone else had worn this, it would look like a supersized loofah.

Somehow, both Riri and Stefani manage to make it look like high fashion. I think it’s the sunglasses. Continue reading to see a four-year-old take on the looks of three blonde-haired superstars.

Who Wore It Better?

taylor swift white.jpg

Photo credit: @seasunstefunny / Instagram

Ayla has an incredible knack for being able to take a racy gown and make it look like it was meant to be age appropriate on a four-year-old. Rather than opt for the see-through crystal bodice like Taylor Swift, Stefani and Ayla went with layers and layers of gauze.

All she’s missing is a retro Hollywood hairdo and a swipe of bold red lipstick. We like her natural wavy blonde hair too.

This One Looks Pretty Easy To Recreate

rita ora.jpg

Photo credit: @seasunstefunny / Instagram

I wonder if Stefani and Ayla choose to recreate the red carpet looks that will be the easiest. Rita Ora wore this dramatic canary yellow gown to the 2014 American Music Awards. The train was so big that an assistant had to carry it, but when you’re standing there posing, it just looks like a pile of fabric.

All Stefani and Ayla had to do was bunch up some yellow cloth and call it a day.

Stefani Covered Every Detail Down To The Messy Hair

jennifer lawrence .jpg

Photo credit: @seasunstefunny / Instagram

Not every look can work out perfectly. Stefani and Ayla attempted to recreate the Dior gown that Jennifer Lawrence wore to the 2018 Oscars, but without head-to-toe sequins, it was a little difficult.

What Stefani and Alya did nail was being as laid back and relaxed and J-Law on the red carpet. Stefani has the pose, the tousled hair, and the smile down pat. Coming up, find out if Stefani might have a career as a VS Angel one day.

She May Not Be A Kardashian-Jenner, But Stefani Deserves Her Own Empire

kendall jenner .jpg

Photo credit: @seasunstefunny / Instagram

Kendall Jenner wore the little black dress to end all little black dresses to the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar after party. Jenner is one of the most successful international models, oh, and she’s part of the Kardashian empire, so it can be hard to compete.

Even though she isn’t an heiress to a billion-dollar family, I think Stefani is coming pretty close to her own empire. Her and Ayla are slowly building up their Instagram following to take over the fashion world.

Ariana And Stefani Made Me Believe God Is A Woman

ariana grande stefani.jpg

Photo credit: @seasunstefunny / Instagram

Ariana Grande hit the 2015 Grammy red carpet in style after she racked up five nominations for her second studio album, but Stefani had some big shoes to fill. Grande wore a white Versace gown that was serving up a futuristic, angelic look.

Stefani and Ayla used two of their trusted materials to recreate this gown. Plain white paper and tin foil gave us this Grammy-level look.

Look What You Made Her Do

taylor swift silver.jpg

Photo credit: @seasunstefunny / Instagram

Taylor Swift did a style 180 after releasing her latest album, Reputation. The album was a shift away from her usual good-girl persona. When she arrived at the 2016 Met Gala in the silver snakeskin dress and dark features, we all knew a style revolution was coming.

Stefani channeled T-Swift’s new bad girl attitude by using futuristic foil and black tape. I hope the tape didn’t hurt too much coming off her legs.

A Bubble Wrap Dress Is As Fun As It Gets

janelle monet.jpg

Photo credit: @seasunstefunny / Instagram

Janelle Monae is known for breaking down gender barriers and bringing back fun, fresh styles on the red carpet. This polka-dot dress with black and white tulle is no exception.

Since Monae is known for having fun, Anyla decided to use a mound of bubble wrap for the base of the polka-dot skirt. Stefani looks like she’s having fun playing dress up, but popping all that bubble wrap afterward will be even more fun.

I Smell A Future Victoria’s Secret Model

romee strijd .jpg

Photo credit: @seasunstefunny / Instagram

Recreating a look from a Victoria’s Secret model like Romee Strijd can be hard, but Ayla’s attention to detail is incredible. Like many of their other recreations, they made this look out of tin foil, but somehow it manages to look light and delicate like fabric.

I seriously commend Ayla for taking the time to make the cut-out bodice and tasseled sleeves because that would be hard enough to do with regular fabric.