This Man Was Frozen in His Tracks When He Tried to Help a Lost Dog Wandering Alone

Life can be funny. Sometimes, what you think you know turns out to be absolutely, incredibly, and mind-bogglingly wrong. That’s exactly what happened to Tyler Wilson when he spotted what he thought was a lonely dog wandering the streets alone. When he went to help the poor pooch, he learned the truth, and it left him frozen in his tracks. The story you’re about to read will surprise you and then leave you smiling, just like it left Tyler on that fateful day.

Can you guess the plot twist?

A Routine Gas Stop

dew the dog tyler wilson gas station
Tyler Wilson/Twitter

Tyler Wilson stopped to get gas near his home in Kentucky when our story begins. While filling up his tank, he saw a lost dog wandering around the lot. Wilson instantly became concerned for the dog’s well-being.

The area the gas station was located in was not a safe place for a dog to be alone. Heavy traffic meant crossing the street could be deadly. Tyler felt like he had to do something.

They’d Seen Each Other Before

tyler wilson dew the dog had met before
Dews Adventures/Facebook

Surprisingly, this wasn’t the first time Tyler had seen this dog around town. A few days before their gas station encounter, he noticed the yellow lab wandering around town aimlessly. On that day, he didn’t do anything.

Today, however, Wilson decided to take action. His curiosity was piqued. Why would this dog be alone? Was it lost? Before long, Tyler would find out the answers to all his questions, and he would be left stunned.

Keep reading to learn what Tyler’s plan was!

Pooch Paparazzi

tyler wilson dew photoshoot
Tyler Wilson/Twitter

Tyler’s first instinct was to approach the labrador and introduce himself. Luckily, he knew that if this dog was skittish at all, that might not end well. Instead, he opted to keep at a distance and take pictures.

During the photoshoot, Tyler made sure to give the pup plenty of room. If this did end up being a rescue mission, he didn’t want to risk scaring the dog away at the start.

Time For Pets!

dew the dog playing with tyler wilson lost dog mystery

With pictures taken, Tyler knew he now had evidence the dog existed in case it ran off. He approached the canine with caution, trying to keep it comfortable to move it to safety.

Amazingly, the dog was okay with Tyler approaching it. If this was a lost dog or a stray, it wasn’t acting like it at all, which only make Wilson more confused. His confusion would be cleared up in just a few moments.

On the next slide, Dew makes a bold move!

A Surprising Move

dew the dog laying in the grass lost dog mystery
Tyler Wilson/Twitter

The next thing that happened only served to make Tyler Wilson more confused. Before he could approach the dog, it walked up to him. With its tail wagging, the pooch smiled as it approached, ready for some good old fashioned belly rubs.

This was not the behavior a lost dog or a stray would exhibit. This dog was calm, happy, and appeared healthy. But who was taking care of it? Where were its owners?

A Clue Is Revealed

tyler wilson closeup dew the dog lost dog mystery
Tyler Wilson/Twitter

As Tyler began petting the pup, he got his first big clue in solving the mystery. There was a collar around the animal’s neck. This dog definitely belonged to somebody, and now Wilson could find out who.

Wilson reached for the dog tag to read it, hoping for a name and a phone number. What he ended up reading left him stunned. As you’ll read, he no longer had to play the hero, but there was still a mystery to solve.

Find out this dog’s collar said on the next slide!

An Amusing Note

tyler wilson dew the dog tag lost dog mystery
Tyler Wilson/Twitter

Tyler was ecstatic that he was finally about to figure out who this dog belonged to. He never expected the dog tag would read, “My name is Dew. I am not lost. I like to roam. Tell me to go home.”

The amusing note indicated that Dew was not lost or a stray or anything else Tyler could have imagined. Instead, Dew was out for one of his many strolls on the town.

What A Relief!

dew the dog had a home lost dog mystery
Dews Adventures/Facebook

Finally, Tyler Wilson was able to relax. Dew was a happy healthy mutt who was given free range by his owners. He always got back home safely, which is why his owners gave him the note.

The two became fast friends. Tyler introduced himself to Dew and pet the dog. Dew smiled. After a few minutes, they parted ways. Maybe their paths would meet again, maybe they wouldn’t. All Tyler knew was that now he had a new mystery to solve.

What did Tyler still need to know? Find out next!

Dew’s Celebrity Status

dew the dogs luxurious home life lost dog mystery
Dews Adventures/Facebook

When Tyler got home, he decided to do a little research to find out who Dew was. In a matter of seconds, he learned that the dog was a local celebrity. Dew even had his own social media following!

Just like it said on his nametag, Dew loved wandering and his special talent was making new friends — if you can consider a dog’s ability to make new friends a special talent!

Dew Did Go Home Sometimes

dew the dogs family lost dog mystery
Dews Adventures/Facebook

With how much Dew loved roaming around his Kentucky neighborhood, you might think he didn’t have a very large home. As Tyler found out, that was the furthest thing from the truth.

Dew lived a charmed life at home. He had plenty of room to roam, plenty of humans to show him love, and all the room in the world to take naps. Dew wanted more though, he was an explorer at heart.

Just A Good Old Farm Dog

dew te dog lives on a farm lost dog mystery
Dews Adventures/Facebook

When Dew wasn’t exploring the outside world, he enjoyed the simple pleasure of his 70-acre farm. Of course, Dew didn’t own the farm, but he was a member of the family who did.

Dew’s owners learned when the dog was just a puppy that he couldn’t be contained. He had the heart of an explorer, and if they didn’t let him do it, he would find ways to sneak out anyways. The good news is, Dew always made it back home.

The family didn’t always trust Dew, though!

Trusting Dew Wasn’t Always Easy

dew wasn't always trusted by his family lost dog mystery
Dews Adventures/Facebook

When the family first began to notice Dew’s tendency to roam, it worried them. He was just a puppy. Would he come back home? Was he not happy with his new family?

After a while, Dew proved that he was loyal to his owners, he just needed to stretch his legs. A lot. The original decision to give Dew free range to explore wasn’t easy, but these days they don’t worry about a thing!

Dew Became A Social Media Master

dews adventures social media following lost dog mystery

As more and more people met Dew on his adventures, it was clear one thing was missing; a social media presence. To help grow his celebrity and record his adventures, Dew’s owners started a Facebook page for him.

In no time at all, Dew had a massive social media following. By 2018, over 50,000 people had liked Dew’s page. And if any of them ever met him in real life, they made sure to post a picture for his records!

Dew Had Dog Friends, Too

dews and lily brothers and sister lost dog mystery
Dews Adventures/Facebook

Dew wasn’t just great at making friends with humans. He had plenty of other dog friends, too. His best dog friend was his sister, a black Labrador named Lily. Lily was more of a homebody than Dew though and would usually hold down the fort at home.

When Lily did get out with Dew, they would go on amazing adventures together. One of their favorite team activities was to find a good stream to jump around in.

On the next slide, you’ll learn the one thing Dew loved as much as exploring!

Dew Naps Anywhere

dew sleeping on couch lost dog mystery
Dews Adventures/Facebook

With so many miles under his paws everyday, when Dew decides he needs a nap, good luck waking him up. His favorite spot to catch some Z’s is his family’s big leather couch.

When Dew goes down, though, hes not picky about where it happens. As long as he can curl up into an adorable dog ball and stay warm, he’s going to have some good dreams. Just look at how peaceful he is.

Another Day Another Nap

dew napping under umbrella lost dog mystery
Dews Adventures/Facebook

Here is Dew napping again. This picture stands as proof that when he’s all tuckered it out, he really doesn’t care where he sleeps. The most important thing here is that he’s staying dry.

Whether it’s on the couch, under an umbrella, or in the grass, Dew has won over our hearts with his amazing knack for both life and napping. We only wish things were that simple for us. When we need to nap it’s a bed or bust situation!

A Fluffball Of Happiness

dew the dog fluffball lost dog mystery
Dews Advetures/Facebook

Dew is one of the most adventurous dogs we have ever read about. He’s also undoubtedly one of the happiest. Everywhere he goes he smiles, just a giant fluffball of joy exploring Kentucky and claiming it as his own.

With how much Dew loves being outside, it’s amazing he ever is actually indoors. The only time we think he ever comes inside is when he wants to head to his napping couch.

A Life Of Saturdays

dew the dog and his life of saturdays lost dog mystery
Dews Adventures/Facebook

For Dew, everyday is a life of Saturdays. He might be a celebrity, but that doesn’t mean he actually works or has any responsibilities. The only thing he is responsible for is being cute and fluffy.

It’s a real “ruff” life Dew lives. In between adventures, he’s a real cuddle bug though, finding whoever is home to nestle up next to and get some good puppy love. He might look older, but don’t be fooled, he’s a kid at heart!

An Unconventional Life

dew the dog loves adventures lost dog mystery
Dews Adventures/Facebook

It’s definitely not conventional for a family to let their dog move in and out the house as it pleases, but if we’ve learned one thing it’s this; Dew is no ordinary dog.

Dew always knows where his home is, no matter how far he wanders. It’s an unconventional life he lives, but we can’t imagine him living it any other way. Can you imagine if Dew was forced to stay inside all day and go on walks on a leash?

A Human Connection

dew teh dog loves sleeping Lost Dog mystery
Dews Adventures/Facebook

Stories like Dew’s are important for us to remember just how special our pets can be. By showing trust in their mutt, this family was able to share their gift with the world.

When it comes to Dew, there is more than enough love to go around. He loves his human family. He loves his animal family (Lily). And, of course, he loves everyone he meets on daily dog ambassadorial duties!

Just Another Dog

dew and blankets
Dews Adventures/Facebook

As you know, Dew isn’t like most dogs. That doesn’t mean he still doesn’t act like one, though. Here he is with his favorite blanket. According to his owners, he carries it with him everywhere he goes!

We get it, Dew! Especially when it’s cold outside. It’s always best to be prepared. Inside or outside, this dog just wants to be comfy and cozy, and he only trusts one blanket to get the job done!

Blanket Gymnastics

dew and blanket indoors
Dews Advetures/Facebook

Further proof that there is only one blanket in the world for Dew. He is clearly ready for a nap here, but has a problem. He needs to get on the couch, but he needs to bring his blanket with him.

How will Dew manage this? One good hop, perhaps? However he chooses to complete his task, you can really see his mind working here. He’s thinking through all the logistics!

Every Dog Has A Sad Day

dew lilly memorial
Dews Adventures/Facebook

Sadly, in September 2018, Drew’s family announced through his facebook page that his sister, Lily, had posted away. They then posted this picture of Dew laying by the side of memorial.

As sad as this is, Dew has not let tragedy keep him down. Lily led a full and happy life. It was full of running around and naps, and hanging out with her best friend in all the world.


dew during construction
Dews Adventures/Facebook

Something is being built, but what could it be? Is Dew’s family adding to their farm in Kentucky? It looks like it, and this dog can’t wait to explore his new digs!

Until then, he will have to be content seeing over construction and making sure the whole thing is kept Dew friendly! The stairs give him the perfect vantage point to watch over everything with his deceptively discerning eye.

Water Break

dew water break
Dews Adventures/Facebook

After a long day of adventuring, there is only one thing Dew needs more than a nap; a water break. We like to think this happens several times a day, almost like he uses the time to check in with his family.

Clearly he’s not ready to come inside yet. Dew is just parched and needs to hydrate up. There are still miles to cover in his day. New faces to see and new friends to make.

Snow Day!

dew in the snow
Dews Adventures/Facebook

Not even snow will keep Dew from exploring. He’s on a mission, and he’s determined to get the lay of the land. Plus, doesn’t he just look adorable trotting around in the snow. This might be our favorite picture of our new favorite dog.

Our favorite part about this picture is how serious Dew looks. He’s not jumping up and down in the snow, making puppy snow angels. He’s taking in his surroundings, learning about what’s around. Maybe even looking for new friends.

Driving Towards Adventure

dew in car
Dews Adventures/Facebool

Every now and then, Dew needs a new area to explore that he can’t walk to because it’s too far away. That’s when he gives hid family the puppy dog eyes and convinces everyone to go for a car ride.

Dew loves exploring new areas, and having access to a car has really expanded his territory. If only dogs were able to drive cars by themselves he’d live in a perfect world!


dew begging
Dews Adventures/Facebook

Like any good boy, Dew is not above begging. It might not look like he’s begging here, but his eyes are firmly planted on that soda cup. Don’t do it, Dew! The last thing you need is a sugar addiction!

We’re sure Dew’s begging works sometimes, just not this time. Whoever he’s begging from is distracted by their phone. We’ll never understand how a phone is more interesting than Dew. He is, after all, the most interesting dog in the world.

The Evidence

dew doing the dew
Dews Adventures/Facebool

This picture undeniable evidence that when Dew begs for food or drink, he usually gets his way. He he is enjoying some kind of cold beverage. We’re assuming it was hot outside and hoping this is just water.

Honestly though, if Dew looked up at us with that face of his, we’d give him whatever he wants. We’re just a bunch of sucks and Dew knows how to take advantage of us.

Dew’s Favorite Toy

dews favorite toy
Dews Adventures/Facebook

Every dog has a favorite toy, and this one is Dew’s. When he’s back home from his long day’s journey, you’d be hard pressed to see him without his stuffed duck.

He’s likely had it since he was a little puppy, and has been very careful not tear it up ever since. His connection to this toy is one of the many reasons to love Dew. We’ve added it to a very long list!