A venomous king cobra protected two puppies who fell in a well

Venomous Cobra protects puppies

The King Cobra is known throughout India for its ability to kill a giant elephant in just a matter of hours.

Recently, two puppies fell into a well where a King Cobra was also stuck.

While deadly, one of the world’s most feared predators acted more like a concerned parent then a venomous attacker towards the puppies.

After the two dogs fell into the well, they faced this known killing machine. The puppies mother quickly ran to the well and started barking, and the owner immediately approached.

He noticed that the snake was protecting the pups by not letting them cross to the other side of the well where they would surely drown.

The King Cobra and the two puppies remained in the well for 48 hours. Once the forest department arrived the cobra moves to the other side of the well so they could rescue the puppies.

The puppies were quickly examined and it was determined that the King Cobra didn’t harm them in any way.

The loving but venomous snake was released back into the wild.