12-Year-Old CEO Is Helping Shelter Animals Get Adopted By Making Them Fashionable Bowties

This 12-year-old CEO decided to turn his passion and love for animals into something that could benefit animals living in shelters.

What started as a way for him to spend time with his family and create fun and fashionable bowties turned into a company that earned him recognition from a former President of the United States. Darius Brown is proving to everyone that age doesn’t matter as long as you work hard and find a cause you care about.

The Beginning Of Beaux & Paws

Beaux and Paws instagram of bowties
Photo Credit: Instagram / @sirdariusbrown
Photo Credit: Instagram / @sirdariusbrown

At age 2, Darius Brown was diagnosed with speech, comprehension, and fine motor skills delay, but that hasn’t stopped him.

At age 8 he began helping his sister Dazhai cut fabric to make bows, which helped him develop his fine motor skills while also spending time with his sister. That’s what gave him the inspiration to start his company “Beaux & Paws” and become one of the youngest CEOs in the country.