13-Year-Old Proves $1,500 And A Good Work Ethic Is All You Need To Build A Home

The average teenager is usually hanging with friends, playing video games, and spending time just being a kid. Manual labor is the last thing on their mind. But one young teen changed that stereotype and made a YouTube obsession come alive.

At only 13 years old, through hard work and dedication, Luke made it possible to live on his own before high school graduation. He built a tiny home before most people had even considered moving out of their parent’s house! Read ahead and learn more about how Luke made it happen, and what he plans to do with the tiny home.

Luke Learned About The Tiny Homes Fad By Accident

Kids can spend hours on the internet playing video games and learning new things. Iowa middle school student Luke Thill stumbled upon something unique on YouTube one day that got his full attention: a tiny house.

Luke Thill / YouTube
Luke Thill / YouTube

Many of us know about the tiny house fad that is sweeping the nation. HGTV even has entire shows devoted to people who are giving up their 2000 square-foot homes in order to live the “tiny” lifestyle.