A Makeover Miracle Completely Transformed This Five-Decade Old Marriage

When we are thinking of our perfect partner, we generally think of someone we can grow old with. Physical attraction certainly plays a part, but it’s more important to find a partner who you can laugh with and understand as you both go through your own ups and downs.

Getting into a committed relationship is hard enough, but maintaining it for decades is a whole other story. Well, Kevin and Jo have a story that should inspire you to remember what’s really important in a relationship.

Meet Kevin And Jo


You know you’re in a solid relationship and marriage when you take on the world as one, instead of as individuals. The couple we’re about to talk about made a once-in-a-lifetime choice that many may disagree with until they see the final result.

That couple is Kevin and Jo Taylor. They first met in 1967 when Kevin was just 16 years old and Jo was 14. It was love at first sight.