A Man Thought He Saw A Distressed Beaver In The Mud, But After A Closer Look Realized His Mistake

Many people have a soft spot for animals. It’s a natural impulse to care for animals and to help them when needed. This is a true story about a man’s genuine love for critters of all sorts and the distance he was willing to go to show it. Read on for the emotional journey he took one fateful day he discovered an animal that needed assistance.

The Day Started With A Walk With His Dogs

It was a day that would change Jim Passmore’s life forever, one of those days that he’d never forget. But he didn’t know that yet because it was a day that started like any other.

Jims dog
Jim Passmore/Facebook
Jim Passmore/Facebook

He’s a native of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and loves to take walks. It was a crisp March morning, and he did what he always did — bring his dogs with him for a casual stroll through the forest.