A Baby Elephant Abandoned By Its Herd Was Rescued In The Most Unexpected Way

For an animal like a baby elephant, your herd is your family. If one of you falls behind, they all wait to ensure the safety of the individual and the pack. Sadly, sometimes a tragic situation happens that forces the herd to take action just to survive.

Just like being abandoned by your family, this helpless baby elephant was abandoned by his herd one afternoon. Luckily, an unexpected savior came in to help this abandoned baby elephant and returned him safely to his herd. Find out who—or what—came to save this baby elephant.

A Tragic Accident Caused The Baby Elephant To Be Abandoned


For this baby elephant, his day had started just like any other. He lived with his family on the Addo Wildlife Sanctuary in Africa. The herd had stopped at a natural pool to bathe and drink water. It was a perfect day.

The baby elephant began to play when suddenly everything went wrong. Usually, getting a little muddy pond is a good way to cool down in the African heat. But today, he started to sink into the slippery banks of the pool, and when he tried to get out, he became stuck.