After Losing Both His Eyes, Charlie Got His Own Seeing Eye Dog

The old saying ‘we don’t deserve dogs’ doesn’t even begin to explain just how important they are in our lives. They can be our best friend, our number one fan, and they can help us through everyday life.

While guide dogs have been used for years to help people with a variety of disabilities, there are some dogs out there that are helping out their fellow canine. Like this story of Charlie and his little helper Maverick.

Meet The Dynamic Duo

charlie and mavrick posing for the camera
Photo Credit: Instagram / @charlieandmav
Photo Credit: Instagram / @charlieandmav

Here we have a picture of Charlie, on the left, and Maverick right by his side. As Charlie got up in years, he began having some issues with his eyes because of glaucoma, and at the age of 11, he had to have both eyes removed. This was a major change in Charlie’s life and one he struggled with.