After Praying For A Baby Girl, This Couple Received The Surprise Of A Lifetime

In sunny Southern California, a young couple named Angie and Gino Colonna wished for a baby girl and their dream became reality… in ways they never could have predicted! Although they already had two sons and were perfectly happy, they wondered what it might be like to add a little girl to the family. Read on for the amazing story of this couple and the wild adventure that life took them on.

From The Beginning, They Wanted To Have Children Together

Some married couples choose not to have children, for various reasons. Others like to wait a while before bringing kids into the dynamic. Still others have their hearts set on parenthood from the very beginning, and this was definitely the case with Angie and Gino.


It wasn’t long after their marriage that they welcomed a baby boy into their family. And less than two years later, they were blessed with another healthy son.