After Receiving A Wake-Up Call, A Grieving Man Lost 240 Pounds

Joel Reed had a tragic childhood. He lost both parents in his teens and overate to cope with it. But when he reached 467 pounds, he knew that he had to make a change. Through diet, hydration, and exercise changes, Joel lost 240 pounds. He even fell in love after meeting a woman who lost 250 pounds herself! For inspiration, read his story and learn how he achieved his dreams.

Joel Had A Tragic Childhood

Joel Reed had a difficult childhood in his Texas home. At age ten, his father passed away from a stroke. Before his death, Joel’s mom was diagnosed with cancer.

“She wanted to be strong for me during this time, so she had hidden this from me,” Joel later said. But she couldn’t keep up the act for long. “Eventually, the cancer had spread to her spine and she was not able to function normally.”