After Returning A Diamond Ring, A Homeless Man Gets The Surprise Of A Lifetime

Billy Ray Harris sat on a plastic crate on the sidewalk of Kansas City, Missouri, holding out a cup for passersby to put their change in. It was a typical day for Harris, who was homeless and relied on the kindness of strangers to help him pay for a meal each day. A woman named Sarah Darling walked up to Harris when she saw him holding the cup.

Knowing there was loose change in her purse, she took out her phone, wallet, and keys before dumping the purse upside down, letting the coins fall into Harris’ cup. What happened next is truly inspiring.

She Gave Him All Of The Change That She Had

Sarah Darling lived a comfortable life in Kansas City. When she saw Billy Ray Harris on the sidewalk holding out a cup for people to place their change into, she immediately decided to contribute any of the change that she had floating around in her purse.


Instead of digging out the coins with her hand, she turned her purse upside down and let the change fall into the cup.