After Six Hours Of Surgery, These Conjoined Twins Look Completely Different

All twins share a special connection, but Nima and Dawa were closer than most. The twins from Bhutan thought they were condemned to a life side by side. They two are joined at the lower chest and stomach, and share a liver and possibly even a bowel.

Knowing that they couldn’t live a full life being joined at the torso, their devoted mother made the decision to have the twins undergo separation surgery. The monumental surgery left the twins looking completely different.

Together Since Birth


Bhumchu Zangmo was overjoyed to find out she was pregnant with not one, but two, little girls. She had longed to be a mother and even better, it was two little girls.

Unfortunately, the ultrasound showed something life-changing — the two little girls were joined at the torso. The next fifteen months would be the hardest of Bhumchu’s life.