All The Facts You Didn’t Know About Dr. Seuss

The man, the myth the legend; this is Dr. Seuss. Known for writing some of the most popular children’s books of all-time, Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss had an accomplished life. The man who wrote the beloved books of our childhood was undoubtedly ahead of his time. His success didn’t happen overnight; he went through several plights. Now, we shine a light on what most may not have known about the self-proclaimed doctor.

Was He Really A Doctor?

Surprise, Dr. Seuss wasn’t a real doctor. He may have been surgical with the way he stitched together nursery rhymes, but he had no doctorate to show for it. He only gained an honorary doctorate once his alma Mater Dartmouth gave it to him in 1956.

Dr. Seuss At Desk
James L. Amos/Corbis via Getty Images
James L. Amos/Corbis via Getty Images

Do you want to know how he got the name? He didn’t call himself that for no reason. Dr. Seuss added the ‘Dr.’ part due to his father always wanting him to have a career in the medical field.