Amazing Photos Of Animals Still In The Womb

Photos of adult and baby animals in the wild are pretty common, but what do they look like before they’re born? It’s amazing to see photos of an animal as a fetus. While some of them are hard to recognize compared to the way we usually see them, others just look like even tinier versions of themselves. Don’t get us wrong — baby animals are cute, too, but the way they look before their mothers have given birth is truly fascinating. Some of them are even cuter before their life on earth begins. It’s absolutely incredible to see how these animals’ lives began before they’d even entered the world.

A Tiny Baby Penguin

It’s hard to believe that penguins look like this in the egg — sporting their black and white feathers and all. But they’re crazy adorable even before they’re officially born, and so tiny! It’s hard to imagine that one day this little guy is going to enter the world and slide around on the ice.