An Entire Airport Came Together To Support This Crying Soldier

Being a soldier entails a lot of sacrifices for your country. That’s what makes it so special when a community comes together to make a sacrifice for a soldier. When army specialist Brooks Lindsey was spotted crying in an airport, staff and passengers alike took notice. With one look at the soldier’s phone, it became clear what was going on and how everyone could join together to help. Read on to find out what an airport full of strangers did to make one soldier’s day.

Meet Spc. Brooks Lindsey

Young Brooks and Haley pose for a selfie.
Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey/Facebook
Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey/Facebook

This is Brooks Lindsey and his wife, Haley. The pair met back in 2015 and fell in love. With her support, Brooks chose to enlist in the army. Not long after joining the military, the happy couple got married.

The newlyweds prepared to bid their goodbyes since Brooks would have to leave for Fort Bliss, Texas to train. After his training was complete, he would embark on a nine-month deployment in Kuwait. However, this wasn’t the only news the couple received.