These Animals Are In A Complete Autumn Mood

Humans aren’t the only ones celebrating the cooler weather. Our animal friends, wild and domestic, are enjoying the lower temperatures, too! With those fur coats, now is the perfect time to play outside and run around. Especially if running around involves jumping into an enormous pile of leaves. I mean, what animal can resist scattering a good leaf pile?

Be-leaf me when I say that you don’t want to miss what’s going on in these adorable animal pictures.

This Lion Cub Is All Smiles Playing In His Leaf Pile

Can someone please give us the exact location of this precious creature? This lion cub looks beyond thrilled sitting on his thrown of leaves. His leaf crown fits perfectly on his tiny head, even though he looks like he’s about to paw it off. At least the picture was taken before he got the chance!

This lion cub is all smiles playing in his leaf pile
Daily Mirror / Pinterest
Daily Mirror / Pinterest

It’s safe to say he’s aiming to be king of the leaves this fall season. Talk about cuteness overload.