Alert The Cute Police! These Animals Running For Office Are Adorable

When politicians wear out their welcome with the public there is no better cure than animals! Put a dog in a tie and it makes a great mayoral candidate. Slap a bow tie on a cat and it becomes the purrfect presidential nominee. There is no chicken soup better for the soul when politics get you down than turning to the internet for adorable animals. Here’s a list of animals that ran for political office to help brighten your day!

You won’t believe what kind of animal almost made it to office before the pawlice showed up!

Crawfish B. Crawfish Say No To Boils

Tired of Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal winning another term of re-election, one brave crustacean crawled up to shore for the battle of his short lifetime. This is how the legend of Crawfish B. Crawfish was born. Starting on Facebook, Crawfish just wanted to get more likes than Jindal to prove himself as a serious competitor. The mission was a massive success and Crawfish sent Jindal to the boiler.

Andia/UIG via Getty Images
Andia/UIG via Getty Images

Later, after Jindal announced his intention to run for President. Crawfish B. Crawfish scuttled into action again! Crawfish registered with the Federal Elections Commission as an independent candidate, announcing a platform based on environmental responsibility, gender equality, and access to education. Jindal didn’t win, and neither did Crawfish B. Crawfish…but we all know who the real winner in our hearts is.