5+ Awesome Parents Supporting Their Children During Pride

It’s not uncommon among the LGBTQ+ community to hear stories from those who identify as queer about parents or family members who don’t support their ‘lifestyle’ (as some refer to it) due to the parent’s personal beliefs or upbringing. Since June is Pride Month, we wanted to showcase some of the parents that choose to support their children by marching in pride parades with them.

Attending a Pride event, of course, is not the only way to support and celebrate with your children. It’s one of many, but it could be the most colorful option!

Gender Creative CJ

Lori Duron shared this photo to her Twitter account @RaisingRainbow from Orange County’s 2018 Pride of her son CJ. CJ was elected as the Grand Marshal, making him the youngest to ever be given that position in 48 years of Pride history.

gender creative CJ from twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter / @RaisingRainbow
Photo Credit: Twitter / @RaisingRainbow

Lori’s son CJ identifies as gender nonconforming, or ‘gender creative’ as Lori refers to him in her book Raising My Rainbow, which is a memoir about her and her family’s adventures raising a gender creative child.