In 1987, Baby Jessica Was Trapped In A Well For 58 Hours. Now, She’s All Grown Up

In 1987, Jessica McClure tripped, fell, and landed in what would be a terrifying 58 hours stuck underground in a well. Now, over 30 years later, the woman dubbed “Baby Jessica” is all grown up and living her own life.

Everything Happened On October 14, 1987

Jessica McClure was no more than 18 months old when her life almost came to an end. On October 14, 1987, she was visiting her aunt with her mother in Midland, Texas. But what started as nothing more than a friendly visit turned horrifying.

18 month old Jessica McClure fell into an eight inch diameter well pipe in the backyard of her aunt.
Barbara Laing / Liaison Agency
Barbara Laing / Liaison Agency

It took only one phone call and Jessica’s mother turning her back for the toddler to fall down the backyard well.