Try Not To Smile Looking At These Before-And-After Muddy Dog Photos

Every once in a while, you just need a reason to laugh. Photos of dogs before and after they decided to leap into a puddle of mud could be that reason. Any dog owner knows that the moment you let your dog off-leash in a park, you’re asking for it. Fortunately for us, we can enjoy these adorable, mud-covered pooches without having to spend hours cleaning them up. Read on for an innocent chuckle at some really messy dogs.

Just Don’t Get It On My Face!

A dog is covered in mud everywhere but its face.

This dog looks like it takes its mud baths very seriously, and is sure to keep its face untarnished. You’ll notice that the white dog had a huge smile on its face before becoming covered in mud, and looks straightfaced afterwards.

We doubt that the dog was forced to roll around in the mud, but it is curious how in the world it avoided getting any on its face. It looks as though the dog had a protective mask on during its playtime.