This Blind And Deaf Dog Gets Woken Up By Her Owner In The Sweetest Way

Being a pet owner is tough work. You have to train them to come when they’re called, eat at certain times, and use the bathroom when they’re outside. Those first couple of months with a young pup can be trying, but it gets even trickier if your dog has some kind of disability.

Plum is a 10-month-old Australian Shepard who was born with a few disabilities, but that hasn’t stopped her, or her owner, from living their best life possible.

Waking Up Can Be Tricky

people ask me how i wake up my deaf and blind pup without scaring her
Photo Credit: Instagram / @aiden_m365
Photo Credit: Instagram / @aiden_m365

Plum’s owner, Aiden, received a lot of questions online about how he deals with his blind and deaf dog. The biggest question was how he wakes her up when she can’t hear or see him.