These Cat Dads Are Proud Fathers Of Their Fur Children

There’s nothing quite like the love between a father and his children, even if those children are furry and often cough up a hairball or two. That’s right, cat dads go relatively unrecognized but they are some of the most kind-hearted souls on this earth.

Plenty of men go around acting tough and masculine but when they get an adorable kitten in their hands and they will instantly turn to mush. These cat dads are unafraid to show their softer side to the world, especially if it means they get to show off their favorite felines!

Congrats, It’s Twins!

This cat dad is completely moved to be holding his brand new fur babies. These adorable kittens are named Fred and George and it seems like they are going to be brought up surrounded by the incredible love of a father.

cat dad 2

They may only be a month old here so hopefully, these little guys don’t turn out to be a couple of troublemakers! With faces like those, their dad will probably let them get away with anything.