Celebrities Share Their Anxiety Stories And How They Cope

Just because celebrities are famous doesn’t mean they’re different from the non-famous. They too have to take on the struggles of life. Because of this, they have emplored personal techniques on how to deal with one of life’s biggest obstacles, anxiety. From Kristen Bell to Oprah, read along and find out how your favorite star handles the pressures of anxiety and other life stressors. Their advice could be what you need to know.

Demi Wants More Conversation

Former Disney star and hit artist Demi Lovato has been very outspoken on mental health. Having checked into a rehabilitation facility to help manage her struggle with substance abuse, anxiety, and an eating disorder; she’s become comfortable with the topic and using her voice to raise awareness.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Her focus is talking more and having empathy for others. “I think the more people vocalize what they’re going through — that’s going to be the key to creating a conversation about mental illness and making it more understood,” Lovato said.