Celebrities Who Opted Out Of Buying Pets And Rescued Their Four-Legged BFFs Instead

Having a pet is one of life’s treats. They don’t require much, and they return your love tenfold. You’ve probably seen photos of your favorite celebrity out and about with their dog, or read an Instagram post about their cute cat. Animals are the ultimate pleasure, but you can feel even better about having one if you rescue it. While some head to the store or breeder to buy their future best friend, some take the other route and become rescuers. Celebrities such as Olivia Wilde and Chris Evans fall into the latter category. Find out who else did right here!

Cooper To The Rescue

“I lucked out, I got two great rescues…I’m sort of a hybrid of both my dogs,” Bradley Cooper told People Pets. “Samson is stoic and makes me earn it, and Charlotte loves me undyingly. They’re my kids.”

Samson is the name of the German Shorthaired Pointer that he luckily saved. Cooper found him in a kill shelter and took action. When Cooper saw Charlotte at an adoption drive, he fell in love right away. Now he has two doggo kids!

Legend Has It…

Not only has John Legend achieved the legendary EGOT status, has a beautiful and talented partner in Chrissy Teigen (and the most adorable children), but he also loves to rescue dogs. Teigen and Legend are always posting on social media, so fans can stay in touch with their lives.

We know that he has a mini canine army! This little one’s name is Penny, and she’s three-legged. How sweet of the couple is that? We’re positive Penny is the perfect addition to their cute family.

From Avenger To Rescuer

“Excuse me, are u busy? Could I interest u in chasing squirrels with me outside? Or perhaps u could toss the frisbee? I have no plans today,” Chris Evans caption this photo on his Twitter. Evans was filming a movie and had to do a scene in an animal shelter.

He thought he wouldn’t fall for any of the animals, but now here we are. He saw this pup and fell in love. The dog’s name is Dodger and Evans says playing with him counts as exercise.

Wilde Loves To Adopt!

Those who are a fan of Olivia Wilde know she’s a celebrity of good character. Her stunning looks are matched by the kind spirit she has. Adopting her pup Elvis is only more proof of that. In July of 2017, she took to Instagram to announce the new addition.

“He’s lived a pretty harrowing life so far, and we are so lucky he adopted us as his new family, so we can treat him like the king he was born to be,” she started. This is our second adopted furry son, and we cannot recommend it enough.” You heard her. Adopt, don’t shop.

Chelsea Handler And Her Chows Story

Chelsea Handler has a history of adopting dogs in need of a home. In the past, she rescued Chunk and Tammy from shelters, but sadly she lost both of them within a year. Once Chunk passed, she vowed to adopt more, and that’s exactly what she did.

“2 new babies. Bert and Bernice,” Handler captioned a post on Instagram showing off her new rescued Chows. She stuck to her word and is now starting a new family with Bert and Bernice.

Munn Stands With Rescuing

Olivia Munn is a blossoming star in the acting world. She previously dated Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers, but he wasn’t the only guy in her life. The X-Men actress scooped up a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel by the name of Chance.

She always posts photos of her and Chance on her Instagram account and the two of them look adorable together. “To anyone looking to bring a dog into their world, please choose to rescue instead of buying,” the actress says. “There are so many amazing dogs that need love and a home and are waiting for someone to rescue them.”

The Clooneys Add To The Family

One of Hollywood’s cutest couples expanded on their cuteness not too long ago. Amal and George Clooney adopted a four-year-old pup from California’s San Gabriel Valley Humane Society and named her Millie. She was struggling to find scraps to eat, but now she’s living much better.

“Today her luck changed for the better when she was adopted by George and Amal Clooney,” read a message on the shelter’s website. “They were searching for a basset hound and saw Millie’s picture on Petfinder.”

Jon Hamm Has Had Her For Eight Years!

If you know Mad Men, then you know Jon Hamm. The actor who finally won an Emmy after 16 nominations did something entirely heart-melting when he accepted the award. He went up on stage and thanked his dog, who he rescued over eight years ago.

“I want to thank those who have gotten me here,” Hamm started his speech. “Cora and Jenn thank you, I would not be standing here without you.” Cora is the name of his dog that he’s had even before Mad Men. “We went and saw her and fell in love, she’s been in our lives for eight years.”

Sandra Bullock Has Three Special Need Pups!

Are you not impressed with Miss Congeniality? Sandra Bullock must have a huge and kind heart. She has gone out of her way to rescue three tiny dogs that all have special needs. There is Poppy the Tripod, Ruby the Bipod, and Bebe (who is not pictured) the Chihuahua.

Bullock loves her dogs so much even with their disabilities. She says they are perfect regardless of anything because they give her so much love in a way that people aren’t capable of.

The Royal New Edition

All eyes on the Royals! Once Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, she knew her ordinary life was over and that there would be a huge spotlight on her and her new husband even more than before they wed. That means that even when they adopted a new pup, it classified as breaking news.

Early in the summer of 2018, the couple had rescued a Labrador, and the doggo joined them on their country getaway. This isn’t the first pooch Markle has rescued. She was once convinced by Ellen DeGeneres to save her first pup, Bogart before she even knew who Ellen was.

Josh Hutcherson Saved Driver

Back in 2012, Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson went out and rescued a puppy from the Downy Animal Shelter. He was only 19 at the time, so that must have been a big step for him moving into adulthood. But he sure loves Driver.

“He’s literally the most well-behaved dog you have ever met,” Hutcherson said after he first got Driver. “For a puppy, he doesn’t chew things up, he’s already almost housebroken, and he’s only 8 weeks old. He’s incredible. He’s doing great.”

Adopting Is a Big Deal For Anne Hathaway

The fantastic actress Anne Hathaway is no stranger to rescuing pups. Before adding the most recent addition to her family, she had a chocolate lab by the name of Esmeralda. Eventually, she decided to find a pal for the lab.

Back in 2014, Hathway and her husband Adam Shulman went to the Amanda Foundation and found the perfect dog to rescue and pair with Esmeralda. The president of the Amanda Foundation said the little Spaniel and terrier mix was “a calm, sweet puppy. Which is why he’s going to be a good companion for Esmeralda.”

Simon Isn’t Always Mean

If you know Simon Cowell, then you know he isn’t all smiles and giggles. He can be pretty blunt and doesn’t care. He showcases that on the talent shows he’s been a host of, but we’ve discovered that he has a soft spot for Yorkshire Terriers.

“I love my dogs so much,” Cowell said. “I take them on holidays, I let them sleep in the bed and sometimes one gets in the bath with me.” That seems like an entirely different person than what we see on the screen!

Ariana Takes Over For Her Late Ex

Back in 2017 Mac Miller adopted a puppy while he and Ariana Grande were still dating. The dog’s name is Myron, and he is a pit bull mix. Miller grabbed the last one of the litter from Wylder’s Pets who are strong advocates of adopting and not shopping.

The couple split and a few months after the breakup, Miller passed away of an apparent overdose. Grande took to Instagram and posted a video of her with little Myron, leading many to believe she has adopted the dog. There’s no official word yet, but that seems to be the case.

Jennifer Aniston Is In Love With Dogs

You know her and probably love her. Jennifer Aniston is an avid dog fan. When one of her dogs passed away, she got a tattoo of his name. Aniston and her ex-husband Justin Theroux adopted together back when they were still a couple. She rescued a German Shepherd, Dolly, and a pit bull.

“We were there (at the shelter) for three hours, and I’m telling you, I…almost [walked] out with three puppies,” Aniston said in an interview. “It’s so hard. That’s why we named her Sophie, because it was Sophie’s Choice. I was crying – it was so hard.”

The GOAT Gets A Dog

Tom Brady — love him or hate him, you have to respect his talent. Not long ago he and his wifeGisele Bündchen rescued the cutest little black and white puppy named Fluffy. Brady posted a hilarious video of him holding Fluffy, looking like he’d never picked up a dog before.

Thankfully, his wife is more in tune, and she posted a picture with a sweet caption on her Instagram. “Thank you @wagsandwalks for all you do and for letting us rescue this little angel. The kids are over the moon with our new family member. Fluffy is pure joy!”

Nothing To Be Ashamed About Here

“When I met Pepper, she was totally shaved because her fur had been so matted from living on the street,” Emmy Rossum says. “But as soon as I picked up this adorable mess of an animal, we had a connection.” And like that, the waterworks start up.

Rossum not only has Pepper, but she has a whole family of adopted pets. A cat that’s not pictured is named Fiona after her Shameless character, and a teacup Yorkshire Terrier named Cinnamon. Rossum is very passionate about her advocacy for the no-kill movement which led her to adopt such precious gifts.

Give Hilary The Older One

Hilary Duff had a touching statement when her previous rescue dog, Dubois passed away. “Honestly I would take the pain of losing you 10x over to have had you for even a quarter of that time my Dybie,” she said. “First of all…thank you…for being my best friend…truly.”

Losing a pet is tough for anyone, especially one you’ve adopted and grown to love. Early in 2018, Duff went out and adopted a senior dog this time around. She’s a French Bulldog named Peaches. And it’s even sweeter that she’s older because the senior dogs usually get overlooked by potential adopters.

Taking On New Responsibilities

Who knew Zac Efron had such a soft spot? The former Disney star is into adopting pets too, he just has to meet them first. When he went to a boutique and saw his future best friend, he couldn’t resist.

“Tilly now MACA was being led to the kill room when we stepped in and said we would take her,” the boutique’s Instagram account reads. “She was turned around and brought to us! This guy named Zac Efron came in (we hear he is an actor, but we think he actually waits tables) came in and fell in love.”

New Pooch In Town For Miley!

Not only does Miley Cyrus adopt dogs, but she also brings in cats and even pigs. In 2015, Cyrus made a new addition to the family when she adopted a pit bull named Milky. Milky got his name after her new song at the time, “Milky Milky Milk.”

“Meet my newest family member #Milky #adoptdontshop#peaceforpits,” the star wrote on her Instagram post. With a hashtag like ‘peace for pits,’ you can bet Cyrus just wants the negative stigma attached to pit bulls to end.