Celebrity Moms Opened Up About Their Crazy (And Breathtaking) Stories On Giving Birth

It can be difficult for the average mother to feel like they can relate to a celebrity. Even though the average woman might not have the extra money for a nanny or the opportunity to travel the world with their kids, they do share one experience with celebrity moms: giving birth.

Beyoncé, Blake, Mariah, and women all around the world have all gone through the same physical and emotional labor of bringing a new life into the world. Most of us may not have Goldie Hawn show up to help us meditate, but having friends and family around is what matters. Check out these wild celebrity birth stories that remind us all how strong the women of the world are.

Mariah Carey Listened To A Recording Of Her Own Song While Giving Birth

miriah carey kids.jpg

Photo credit: @mariahcarey / Instagram

Carey gave birth to twins Monroe and Moroccan in 2011 to a very unique soundtrack. Her then-husband Nick Cannon told Gayle King that when Carey was in labor, she had a 1995 live version of her song “Fantasy” playing in the room.

Apparently, Carey wanted their children to enter the world right when the applause began at the end of the track. Cannon admitted that “it was definitely over the top” and that he was holding the camera, acting as DJ, and making sure the lighting was perfect. Let’s be honest. Did we expect anything less from Mariah?