Feeling Down? Here, Look At A Bunch Of Chickens Wearing Tutus

In the past couple of months, a new fad has inundated the ranks of Instagram through influencers and casual users alike. No, it’s not a flower crown or a particular wedding decoration. It’s chickens: more specifically, chickens in tutus. If you’ve been having a rough week, these flightless birds have come squawking to your rescue.

Chickens in tutus are the new match made in heaven, like ketchup and mustard or coffee and cream. They come fluffy feathers and butts with…more fluff, just colorful. Feel your fears melt away as you gaze upon these tutu-wearing hens.

The Roosters Can’t Resist

three chickens in a row all wearing different colored tutus

Meet Speck, Goldie Hen, and Retro. They’re dressed to their best, hoping to win some tail. You might expect them to show off their dance skills to catch a rooster’s eye, and according to biologists, they just might.

Anthropologist Ed Hagen says that animals such as chickens often dance in courtship. Hens usually drop one wing, frolick in a circle, and crouch. The real takeaway from this is that, someday, you might see a video of a hen dancing in a tutu.