These Child-Pet Friendships Will Melt Your Heart

There’s a special bond that is formed between a child and the pets in their home. Raise your children and pets together and they will share a love and respect for each other that is hard to ignore. Cuddling up for a mid-afternoon nap, exploring and playing together; these kid-pet relationships prove that our four-legged friends are not just part of the family, but a big part of forming who are children become as they grow up. Prepare to have your heart melted by these awesome pet and child relationships.

The Cutest Little Cuddles With The Family Cat

Diana Foster/Pinterest
Diana Foster/Pinterest

Cats can be fickle creatures. Yet, when a small child wants to cuddle up to her kitten they often allow the interaction to happen. This little girl and her cat show us that our family pets are truly loved and a big part of our lives.

They both look incredibly content while sharing a special moment together. For a child, there is often nothing better than sharing a cuddly moment with their favorite four-legged friend. Plus, family pets have shown in studies to help children avoid asthma as they grow older.