Cop raises $40,000 to buy teen a car after learning he walked 5 hours to work

Jourdan Duncan is a very dedicated 18-year-old from Benicia, California. Not only is he taking college classes, he also works as a packaging line worker.

One night while he was walking home from work he saw the flashing lights of a police car. “I said, ‘Uh-oh, I hope I didn’t do anything,'” Duncan told Inside Edition.

The flashing lights belonged to police officer Kirk Keffer.

The flashing lights belonged to police officer Kirk Keffer.

Corporal Keffer, with the Benicia Police Department, grew concerned because the young man was walking down a very busy street in the middle of the night.

“It’s dark; there’s no sidewalks,” Keffer said. “I asked him where he was walking to, and he says, ‘Home.'”

Duncan told the officer his car had broken down and he was now required to walk 5 hours a day to complete an obligation to his job.

“I had to start saving up little by little,” Duncan said.

The young man was helping out his parents and paying for college which left no money to buy a new car or repair his old one.

“It’s a pretty peaceful walk. I just put in my headphones, play my music,” he said matter of factly.

Keffer was so impressed with his determination, that he went back to the department to ask his superiors if they have enough funds to buy the dedicated young man a bicycle.

“People use [a long commute] as an obstacle not to work,” Keffer said. “I wanted to make sure that he understood a good work ethic and dedication like that is going to be noticed and rewarded.”

Keffer obtained the money necessary and bought a bike.

“He helped make my life easier,” Duncan said, adding that his commute was reduced to 50 minutes one way. “They care about their community, they care about their people and they care to help us.”

Keffer and the rest of his police department decided they hadn’t done enough so they started a GoFundMe page for Duncan. They hoped to raise $5,000 to help fix his car and the campaign has already raised more than $42,000.

Duncan was given the cash and purchased a Volkswagen Passat while putting the remainder towards his college expenses.

Cops are awesome a lot of the time. With all the negativity we see in the news, let’s all remember this story from time-to-time.