Couple Who Adopts A Micro-Pig Missed One Life-Changing Detail

Have you heard of Esther the Wonder Pig? Her story has taken the internet by storm. One pig grew into a worldwide sensation and successful animal sanctuary story. And it all happened when one couple adopted a micro-pig.

When Steve and Derek took in a tiny, malnourished pig, they thought that she would behave similarly to their two dogs. They were so wrong. The two would end up changing their entire lives for their pet. The story of Esther the pig has brought many people to tears.

The Ultimate Animal Lovers

Steve and Derek take a picture in autumn.
Facebook/Steve Jenkins
Facebook/Steve Jenkins

In August 2012, Steve Jenkins and his husband, Derek Walter, lived in their three-bedroom house in Ontario, Canada. The two worked from home; Steve worked as a real estate agent and played bagpipes in his free time, and Derek was a professional magician.

The couple didn’t live alone in their ranch-style home. They also owned three cats, two dogs, two turtles, and a koi pond in their backyard. Nobody in the area loved animals more than Derek and Steve.