Watch This Dad And Daughter Grow As They Take The Same Photo For 35 Years

Every parent knows that their kids grow up so fast. It’s important to capture as many memories as possible, because once they’re adults, they’re going to be out of the house and living their own life.

Well, this father and daughter made sure to capture as many moments as possible — 35 to be exact. Every year, Hua Yunqing and his daughter, Hua Hua, have taken the same photo in the exact same spot on the bank of Yinghu Lake. The photos see Hua’s growth throughout her life, and his daughter’s growth from a baby into a mother of two.

1980: The Very Beginning

This is the first photo that Hua Yunqing and his daughter, Hua Hua, took in front of this river while they were on holiday in Zhenjiang, China’s Jiangsu province. This was the photo that started it all.

1980 pic Chinese dad Hua Yunqing was photographed with daughter Huahua
Photo Credit: Hua Yunqing
Photo Credit: Hua Yunqing

After getting this picture developed (they used film back then), Hua knew he wanted to create something like a time capsule for his daughter. It was his idea to return to this spot year after year and take a photo each time.