Dad Shares A Touching Review His Son Received For Helping An Autistic Child

One of the hardest parts about parenting is the constant wonder whether or not you’re raising your child right. Life throws so many curveballs. It’s practically impossible for parenting books and blogs to help you understand it all. So it makes sense then that parents wish for a sign to tell them if anything they’re doing is actually right.

Well, after seeing a customer review about his son interacting with an autistic customer, one father finally realized he must have raised his son right.

This Father Was More Proud Of His Son Than Usual

It’s easy for parents to get a little emotional when they see their children grow into respectful and caring adults. For James, that major milestone came when his son received a customer review at his part-time job.

tweet by james flibble about how proud he is of his son jacob

His 18-year-old son Jacob had recently started working at a Clarks store when one customer decided to call attention to his patience and kindness. In the age of social media, James put on his best proud-father face and decided to share the review on Twitter.