Devastating Photos Of How Our Garbage Is Hurting Animals

We’ve all heard the push to ban plastic straws and reduce our plastic bag usage and we think we get it. Truth be told, we really don’t. We need to step our game up as Earth’s top species because the rest of the planet is suffering for it.

After a photo of ‘Vinny’ the seagull covered in curry went viral, we should all use this moment to think about the environment instead of making memes. Just because it’s really not funny. Here’s what all our trash is doing to Earth’s animals.

‘Vinny’ The Curry-Covered Seagull Thought To Be An Exotic Species

seagull covered in curry powder orange woman holding up wing
Photo Credit: @SarahJ_Berry / Twitter
Photo Credit: @SarahJ_Berry / Twitter

People thought this bright orange seagull was actually an exotic bird when they saw it struggling to fly on the side of the highway because of all the curry in its wings. It was only when it was rescued and brought to Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital did they find out it was actually a seagull.

The internet collectively giggled because seagulls are those annoying flying gluttonous beach rats that steal our fries. But imagine this was a ‘nice’ bird, maybe a dove, swan, or eagle. It becomes a darker situation.