Disney Is Trying Hard To Challenge Its Own Stereotypes

Disney has a poor history of portraying diversity in its movies. They typically reflect the societal norms of the time in which they were made, which is why it’s only recently that we’re beginning to see Disney take an active approach in challenging its own stereotypes. From racial representation to dynamic, independent princesses, Disney is working hard to appeal to a society that’s becoming increasingly “woke.” But for everything Disney gets right, there’s almost always something it does wrong. And this is exactly what’s happening in an upcoming Disney film.

Jungle Cruise Will Have An Openly Gay Character


Disney’s Jungle Cruise opens in 2019, but the upcoming movie is already causing a buzz. The film stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Emily Blunt, and British comedic-actor Jack Whitehall, who is slated to play a gay character.

Based on the Disneyland ride of the same name, Jungle Cruise is set in the 19th century — a time when homosexuality was hardly acknowledged. Being that Disney movies have a reputation for perpetuating conservative views, if the rumors about Whitehall’s gay character are true then this is certainly a step in a more progressive direction. But it’s not the character’s sexual orientation that has Disney fans raging.