This Diver Bravely Encountered A Massive Jellyfish And Shared Her Experience

As mesmerizing and peaceful as the ocean is to look at, delving beneath its waters is a different story. Luckily for the faint of heart, divers like Lizzie Daly are bent on capturing what life in the ocean looks like. The biologist dared to swim alongside a creature that was larger than she is, known as the barrel jellyfish. This massive jellyfish has bloomed off the coast of the UK in high numbers in recent years, but they are relatively harmless to humans. Read on to see Lizzie’s incredible photos with the jellyfish and to learn more about these magnificent creatures.

Meet The Brave Biologist


Lizzie Daly may look like your ordinary Instagram influencer out on a hike, but her diving expeditions are nothing short of extraordinary. She’s been fascinated by marine life since she was a little girl.

Her appreciation for the natural world led her to become not only a biologist, but also a broadcaster, filmmaker, and conservationist. Though she is a native of Wales, she has traveled all over the world conducting research and creating films that bring awareness to wildlife.