Doctors Who Are Changing The World With New Technologies

There are certain moments in the medical industry that stand out among other advances. Doctors, nurses, and medical researchers spend their lives attempting to figure out how to change their patients’ lives for the better. In a handful of cases, the discoveries made by those healthcare professionals have helped save the lives of millions of people. From the process for a heart-lung bypass to M.R.I. technology, these doctors revolutionized the medical industry while heralding in a new generation of medical intervention.

Heart-Lung Bypass – 1953

Dr. John Heysham Gibbon spent more than a decade perfecting the first heart-lung bypass machine. Once completed, he was able to keep a patient alive during heart surgery for about half the time of surgery. The machine was capable of supporting both the patient’s heart and lung functions. Bypass machines have improved over the past six decades but open-heart surgeons still owe much of their success to Dr. Gibbon. It’s amazing to realize that this type of technology is still relatively new for the medical profession.