Dogs With Glorious Grooms That Look Better Than All Of Us

When it comes to beauty, we’re all looking for some answers. We’re constantly asking each other what hair color looks best, what moisturizer is right for our skin type, and how much sleep is the right amount. Well, these aren’t problems for these hounds who know how to turn a fierce look.

These lavish dogs have stepped into the groomers and gotten some of the most glorious fur-styles that have us absolutely floored and wondering what shampoo they use. Seriously, these are some pretty pooches.

This Isn’t A Wig Sweetheart

afghan dog pretty fur
Photo Credit: @le.petit.pest / Instagram
Photo Credit: @le.petit.pest / Instagram

This Afghan stepped out of the salon and right into the hearts of people everywhere because of her glorious mane. This sister has some serious inches on her locks and we’re all pretty jealous of the length of her fur. What vitamin-enriched kibble do you think she uses?

This dog reportedly has an owner who’s spent more than $15k total pampering his lovely pooch, and honestly, that’s a whole mood. He’s invested well because this elegant lady looks like a million bucks.