Dogs Wearing Pants Are Sure To Brighten Your Day

Dogs are not usually associated with pants. Humans wear them for warmth and societal norms, but dogs don’t need them for either. Yet, if you put a pair of pants on a dog, it turns the whole world upside down and is absolutely hilarious to see. Surprisingly, some dogs even enjoy the feeling of having a nice pair of jeans or sweatpants over their fur. Without further ado, here are some dogs wearing pants that will surely brighten your day.

Drop It Like It’s Hot

This dog named Piper is looking good in her little pants. It almost looks like she is trying to show them off for the camera and maybe even wag her tail to imitate Nicki Minaj.

The cutest part of this whole picture is how you can the the nub of her tail sticking through the pants. We hope that the next pair of pants that Piper struts around in comes with a tail hole for maximum comfort.

Harrison Is Walking Out Of The Vet In Style

This good boy named Harrison had just experienced another pressure sore on his hip due to a lack of muscle development. But the problem was that he refused to sit or lay on any cushioned surfaces.

So now he has to wear a pair of pants to cushion his sore so it doesn’t get any worse. Apparently, he doesn’t mind the pants, which is a good thing because he looks quite stylish in them.

Trackstar Dog

Everyone who thought that tracksuits were only for athletes or members of the Italian mafia are sadly mistaken. This golden retriever pulls this tracksuit off far better than anyone else.

Not only does he look like a complete stud, but he also looks extremely comfortable, proving that pain isn’t always beauty. We’re not sure if this dog is wearing this tracksuit because it’s cold outside or because he just likes to strut around the neighborhood looking like a boss.

When Did I Pass Out?


For once, somebody passed out at the party with their pants on. Looks like this dog named Beau had such a wild night that he actually woke up with human pants on. Must have been quite the partay.

We’re willing to bet that this isn’t the first time this dog’s owners walked in to see their dog with an empty bottle, wearing pants and cowboy boots. We wonder how a pup cures a hangover? Hair of the dog?

Look Back At It

It looks like this dog named Baxter got into his mom’s laundry and picked out a pair of pants to wear around the house. He actually looks quite comfortable in those pants, although he might need a belt if he decides to start walking around.

It also seems that the pants are big enough that he can fit his tail through the leg hole without it being too uncomfortable. We wonder what other outfits he has in his wardrobe.

Ready For Yoga

This dog looks like it’s on the way to a yoga class but is far from excited about it. It’s probably thinking of any excuse possible to get out of this situation but hasn’t had much success coming up with one.

We’re sure when this dog saw its owner break out this pair of pants it ran and hid so they wouldn’t have to put them on. Apparently, it was found because now it’s stuck wearing them while its owner takes pictures.

All Natural

This dog named Tallulah looks like a girl in college who woke up hungover and is trying to make it to McDonald’s before they stop serving breakfast. No judgments here, but we have to give Tallulah credit for wearing a pair of pants that are actually made for dogs.

It has a tail hole and everything and is printed with dogs all over. At a glance, we can’t exactly tell if she likes them or not, but it doesn’t look like her choice either way.

Stop Staring At Me

This dog was probably minding its own business when its owner decided to put a pair of pants on it and start taking pictures. While some dogs may find wearing a pair of sweatpants to be comfortable, it’s obvious that this dog is not impressed.

We’re sure that its owners laughing while taking pictures isn’t helping the situation. However, we do have to admit that the red shorts are a nice contrast to the dog’s jet black fur.

Taking Preventative Measures

This little corgi named Whiskey unfortunately had to get stitches. However, he kept trying to scratch his stitches with his teeth, so his owners had to take preventative measures. They made him wear a cone of shame and little boy boxers so that he couldn’t get to his wound.

Just when he thought things couldn’t get worse after the stitches, now he’s wearing a cone and someone else’s underwear. Keep your chin up, buddy, you got this.

All The Cool Kids Are Wearing Them

Apparently, wearing pants is all the rage with this group of dogs. They all have their own individual pair that covers their stomach, back legs, and their front legs too! I don’t know about you, but I think those look pretty comfortable for a dog to wear.

They look designed to be as comfy as possible for canines, which make them a far better choice than putting your dog in human pants and making them suffer. They still look adorable too.

What Have You Done To Me?

This little pug does not look happy that she was forced to wear pants at the moment. It looks like she doesn’t know what to do with herself considering that she probably isn’t used to having half of her body covered in clothing.

Those pants look like they are made for toddlers too, making the whole situation even that more humiliating for this poor doggo. Hopefully, she’ll manage to get out of those pants sooner rather than later.

Is This A Joke To You?

This dog named Finnley is very unimpressed by the pants that she’s being forced to wear. Even though it has a tail hole for comfort, she’s still angry with her owners for making her do this.

They don’t look all that comfortable either, considering that they used tape in order to make sure that the pants fit. Hopefully, after they got the photo for Instagram, they took Finnley out if the pants, because she does not look happy.

Filling Out Those Jeans

This dog doesn’t have any problem filling out these jeans. We wonder if she finds them comfortable to wear or not? We hope she does, that way she can wear them all of the time and bring joy to anyone that she comes into contact with

When wearing those jeans, it only seems right that she would have her own theme song for whenever she walked into different rooms. She really is slaying it in those jeans and it looks like she knows it too.

Little Pants For A Little Guy

This little chihuahua looks too funny wearing these little-striped pants. We wonder where these pants even came from. Were they made specifically for this dog? Did they come from a baby? A doll?

We guess we’ll never know, but what we do know is that this little dog is adorable in his trousers. We wonder if the dog even minds wearing these pants because it could go either way, just looking at the picture.

The Face Says It All

This dog’s face says exactly how he feels about wearing these green pants. He has the look of disbelief on his face while asking his owners, “How could you do this to me?” We can’t imagine that he’s very comfortable in those pants, no matter what they’re made out of.

This looks like a dog that enjoys being naked and free, with no clothing restricting their movement or slowing him down. Something tells us this won’t be the last time he finds himself in pants either.

Can We Go Home Now?

It looks like these dog owners decided to have a professional photo shoot with their pet, but only after they put some multicolored pants on him. Although the dog looks like he’s well trained and is doing what his owners want, he doesn’t look very happy to be there.

Chances are he is just trying to get it over with as soon as possible so he can go home and forget that this whole experience ever happened.

Pass Me A Beer

This dog looks ready to party with his Budweiser pajamas on. This dog actually doesn’t seem to mind his pants and is even smiling while getting his picture taken.

His red bandanna helps to tie the whole outfit together, making him look like one serious party dog. We wonder if this dog is trained to retrieve beers out of the refrigerator and bring them to his owners. Then he really would fit the role of a Budweiser dog.

It’s Called Fashion

While we’ve seen dogs with a variety of different pants on, a dog in tights is something we have yet to see. Until now. We hope that this is a female dog or else it would be incredibly emasculating for a male dog, resulting in him becoming the laughing stock of the neighborhood.

The owners didn’t stop at the tights either. They completed the outfit with matching high-heeled shoes. If this dog tries to get up and walk away it might have a problem on its hands.

Orange On Orange

This dog named Harper got some orange pants in order to match her orange fur. We have to say, she looks pretty good in those pants, even if they’re not totally fitted to her body. She doesn’t seem to mind them at all either.

Maybe they’re keeping her warm and are a little more convenient than a blanket. Now, she can stay warm even if she’s on the move. It might be time to invest in real dog pants that fit better, though.

What Is Going On Here?

We’re not exactly sure what’s going on in this picture, but it’s making is feel as uncomfortable as this poor dog looks. The dog doesn’t look happy about her current situation, considering she’s also wearing a long sleeve shirt and a bandanna as well as pants.

We think that very few dogs would be okay being fully dressed up like this, especially in clothes that were made for dogs and not humans. But who knows, maybe she ended up liking her new outfit.

Jordan, Pant Wearing Dog

This helpless little dog didn’t even know what hit him. The owner went for a full sneak attack with this one. It looks like a pair of pajama pants for the dog doing the Michael Jackson thriller pose works well.

And to top it off, they added a pair of Jordans to the paws. This owner must have been very bored at the time of this event. Needless to say, this is still very funny.

A Wild Life Dog

This dog looks like he’s ready for an expedition through the safari or somewhere of the sort. With those zebra pants to go along with that forest looking bed, he was built for this.

He doesn’t even have a mad look on his face. All he wants to do is finish eating his bone in peace. Pants or no pants this is just a regular day for the little guy. Not all dogs are this calm about this.

She’s Ready For A Jog

If one thing is for sure, this little girl is ready for the walk of her life! She’s got on her best pair of New Balances, and some sweat pants to go along with them. Nothing spells running like sweats and New Balances.

By the way she’s looking at them, you can tell she’s a bit confused, but she’s seen her owner like this a thousand times. By now, she’s developed some since of familiarity.

Well Hello, Sir

This looks like a really good boy if you ask us. He’s well put together and has a big smile ready to conquer the day. The best part is that his pants look perfectly made for him, which we assume they probably were.

We hope he has many other pairs like this so that he can go through the whole week wearing specially made pants. This owner deserves a pat on the back and night out.


Well, what do we have here? It looks like DOGUE or VOGUE knew about this trend well before we did. Which leaves us with one question, why on Earth didn’t we think of this earlier? Cleary, it’s where the money is.

This dog looks like he’s actually built for this life. And the woman holding the dog, well, she looks to be enjoying this moment as much as the dog. Five stars to VOGUE for this.

Sleepy Pants

We’re not sure if these exactly count as pants, but we’re going to let it slide this time. This dog appears to be wearing what most people call “undies” and it couldn’t be cuter.

The design on them makes them all that more adorable. We just hope it’s a girl dog. The dog looks so at peace lying on the ground. It’s either extremely comfortable or is trying to sleep in order to escape the discomfort. Either way, it’s too cute.

Pants With An Added Touch

You can tell from this dog’s smooth coat of fur that it’s most likely an adorable puppy. So, not only is it a dog wearing shorts and suspenders, but a puppy! By the looks of it, this dog might even be wearing underwear too! How sweet!

We would not want anything else but to see this pupper running at us full speed with this little outfit on. This outfit looks so planned out that it’s easy to believe that this isn’t this dog’s only pair of clothes. They probably have a wardrobe!

Beach Pants

Just a little dog wearing a pair of swim trunks at the beach, no big deal. The funny thing about this picture is that the dog looks totally at ease wearing those trunks. We wonder if this is a regular routine whenever they go to the beach.

We didn’t know that they make swim trunks for dogs but now we couldn’t be happier. The real question is if the dog’s owners know that dogs don’t need to wear bathing suits like humans.

Portrait Pants

We must say, these pair of shorts fit this dog amazingly. It even looks as though they have been tailored to fit its little body. After seeing this, we pray that he never takes them off.

Not that the dog would be cute without them, but this little guy would make a person having the worst day of their life smile. Hopefully they get lots of treats for staying still in order to take this picture.

A Professional Pant Wearer

Wow, this dog has the whole thing going here. Not only is he wearing a pair of very stylish jeans, but it even has a sweater to match. If we know one thing, it’s that this dog is not going to be cold for the walk that it’s on.

Surprisingly, the dog doesn’t appear to be too annoyed with its outfit either. Maybe it likes being the most stylish dog on the block. We can’t blame them either.

The Lookout Pants

This dog is on the lookout for something. A bugler, a friend, anything. Whatever he’s looking for hes doing it in a fresh pair of pants and he doesn’t seem bothered by it. This is his life. And he’s happy with it.

Just give him a sweater and call it night, he’s liable to be on the lookout for hours. You can tell by the way he’s standing too. This dog is unbothered and we love it.

Nice Shoes And Pants

If there’s one thing this dog know, then it’s fashion. The leopard print shoes to go along with the sweatpants isn’t something you see everyday simply because not all can pull it off. However, this little one does it with grace.

Even though it seems like she’s partially sleeping, we know that deep down she is having a blast with this look. There is nothing that can get in the way of this little doggo.

All Dressed Up And Ready To Go

We’re not saying that this dog isn’t adorable, but this is definitely not what we would expect to see this breed of dog wearing. But we have no judgments here.

For all we know, this is what this dog prefers to wear in public and we’re in full support of it. Yet, what this dog is wearing has to have been custom made, because there’s no way that any human clothes would fit this perfectly.


This military dog is ready for orders and charge the breech. Even though it’s really only getting its picture taken, you have to admit that they look quite handsome in camouflage.

We bet that a lot more people would be likely to join the military if they walked into a recruiting office only to see this good boy sitting behind the desk. Our only question is what is this dog’s rank? We wouldn’t believe if you said anything below officer.

Bringing Sexy Back

We know that Justin Timberlake said it first, but this dog truly is bringing sexy back. I mean what

other dog is going to compete with a bow tie, a gold tag, and cheetah print shorts?

However, no matter how good this dog may look, you can tell that it’s thinking about better days when it was free from the bonds of clothing and wasn’t having cameras flash in their eyes. Keep your chin up bud, this is probably going in the Christmas card.

Dressed To Impress

This dog looks thrilled to be dressed up and outside. This is no regular outfit, this dog is dressed and looking to impress. Maybe it has another dog neighbor that it has the hots for so it wants to strut around the yard in style.

Since little dogs already move their legs so fast when they walk, we can only imagine what this cutie must look like in their jean shorts and a t-shirt. We hope that they’re on their way to a barbecue because this dog is ready to go. Just keep him away from the beer!

Surf’s Up!

What do you know! Another good boy wearing a bathing suit at the beach. Where are these dog’s owners getting these? We have to know. A day at the beach is already great, but imagine looking up from sunbathing only to see this guy trotting by in his striped drunks.

That would be sure to make anyone’s day. We wonder if this dog surfs too, because they certainly look like they fit the type. Surf’s up, dude!

Protect The Pants

It looks like the human is protecting his dog from too many people trying to come up and pet him. Who wouldn’t want to come and pet this guy? He’s precious and the red trousers make things 100 times better. Don’t deny it, you know it’s true.

The look on his face is slightly depressing, but he’s owning it quite well. With a little haircut, he might just be model ready. What color do you think he would look best in?

Model Dog

Wow, would you take a look at this dog! Now that’s what we call a model! This should have been the pooch VOGUE used, not the other dog. This is a sight to behold and we love that we get to bless you guys with it.

Not only does she look camera ready since birth, but she has a pleasant smile about her as well. This is amazing if you need something to brighten your day.

Sad Dog

It doesn’t look like this little guy is enjoying his new look too much. For one, green probably isn’t his color. For two, they don’t cover enough of his paws! This isn’t what he was expecting.

The owner knows this but still insists on taking the picture. Probably just to post to Facebook so they can get some likes and have people leave pointless comments. Either way it goes, this is still a funny look for the little guy.