Don’t Pet These “Innocent” Looking Creatures!

Not every innocent animal is created equal. While some love nothing more than to cuddle up next to a human and receive “all the pets,” others want nothing to do with us. These animals might look easy enough to touch, but the consequences of our actions can be terrifying. Some, like the hairy frog, have a scary defense system you don’t want to trigger, while others, like dormice, just want to get away by any means possible. These are tricks of the trade for the most innocent critters you definitely don’t want to touch!

Dormice Give Away Their Tails

dormice are not so innocent creatures
Love Local Shop/Pinterest
Love Local Shop/Pinterest

As small and cuddly as they come, dormice also prefer to be left to their own devices. While they won’t turn around and hurt you if you pick them up, they will still give you a good jump and leave you their tail as a “present.”

When threatened, the last defense of dormice is to dislodge their tail, leaving it in the claws of whatever has grabbed them. Once freed, they have one last chance to run away to freedom.