Father Photobombs That Prove Dads Are Still Little Boys At Heart

Just because a man becomes a father doesn’t mean that he has to lose his sense of humor. Yes, dads have to be responsible and set a good example, but that doesn’t mean they still can’t have fun. Here are some awesome father photo bombs that will remind you how funny your dad thinks he is.

I’ll Be Watching You

Ah, high school dances, a real milestone for some dads. Nothing goes more against the fatherly instinct than to hand your daughter off to some 16-year-old boy that still gets picked up by his mom from school. Clearly, this dad isn’t ready to let them go off on their night together and is even supervising this tasteful photo shoot in front of the garage door. Hopefully, this young lad knows what he’s getting into. Because if he doesn’t know now, he will once the pictures are developed. Best of luck tonight buddy, don’t do anything foolish.