Here’s What Popular Cat Behaviors Really Mean

Cats have their own kingdom of fans all across the globe and on the Internet. But surprisingly, not very many people have them as pets. Of the 74 million cats in the United States, less than half are actually owned as pets! As it turns out, people don’t know much about cats as they think they do, despite how popular they are as animals. These cat facts will make you look at your cat differently next time you see them.

Your Cat Is Definitely Ignoring You

It turns out that all those times you’ve called out to your cat and they’ve failed to respond, it’s because they’ve been straight-up ignoring you. Cats are attuned to the sound of their owner’s voice, but sometimes they just don’t care enough to respond.

Mark Large – WPA Pool / Getty Images
Mark Large – WPA Pool / Getty Images

Studies have shown that cats will either move their head or their ears when they hear a voice, regardless of whether it came from their owner or not.