This Film-Travel Blogger Has Traveled To Every Continent To Take Pictures In Your Favorite Movie Locations

According to film-travel blogger and photographer Andrea David, she initially started her filmtourismus blog because she thought it would be fun to try to align an image with its real background, blending fantasy and reality. She never dreamed she’d garner over 100,000 readers and five times as many Instagram followers.

David said her inspiration for the blog started with a trip to Scotland where she accidentally stumbled upon some famous film locations, and it’s just continued to grow from there.

Meet Andrea David

travel blogger andrea david in Alberta
Photo Credit: Instagram / @filmtourismus
Photo Credit: Instagram / @filmtourismus

Hamburg native Andrea David has always had a love of traveling, film, and television, as well as photography, and she found a way to combine her passions through her blog.

David worked in a travel agency in her earlier life, and she studied tourism in school which sparked her interest. David’s thesis for her degree was reportedly about the influence of films on where we choose to travel, so she’s well-versed on the subject. She’s been traveling around the world visiting famous filming locations for over 14 years but it wasn’t until recently that her online presence took off…