Finally, Proof That Animals Don’t Believe In Letting Their Humans Eat In Peace!

If there’s one thing in this world our pets love more than us, it’s our food. Open a bag of chips, and your best boy comes running. Your pet’s uncanny ability to sniff out when you’re snacking is a well-documented phenomenon worldwide. Love it or hate, Fido just wants a taste, but will you give it to him? Here are some of our favorite felines and fur babies begging for food. Which one will you give in to?

That’s Tasty Looking Cake You Have There

Photo Credit: BearCatcher23/reddit
Photo Credit: BearCatcher23/reddit

These two are trying to get into the holiday spirit, but also really want cake. Blaming them is hard. It’s a good looking cake. All the fruit and whipped cream and strawberry Santas… But can we talk about the very distinct personality differences between these two?

The cat on the left has no self-control. The second you turn around its diving in nose first. The cat on the right is far more contained. It will wait patiently until you allow it to eat. Until then it will look longingly at the spoils that lay ahead.