Finally, Proof That Animals Don’t Believe In Letting Their Humans Eat In Peace!

If there’s one thing in this world our pets love more than us, it’s our food. Open a bag of chips, and your best boy comes running. Your pet’s uncanny ability to sniff out when you’re snacking is a well-documented phenomenon worldwide. Love it or hate, Fido just wants a taste, but will you give it to him? Here are some of our favorite felines and fur babies begging for food. Which one will you give in to?

That’s Tasty Looking Cake You Have There

Photo Credit: BearCatcher23/reddit
Photo Credit: BearCatcher23/reddit

These two are trying to get into the holiday spirit, but also really want cake. Blaming them is hard. It’s a good looking cake. All the fruit and whipped cream and strawberry Santas… But can we talk about the very distinct personality differences between these two?

The cat on the left has no self-control. The second you turn around its diving in nose first. The cat on the right is far more contained. It will wait patiently until you allow it to eat. Until then it will look longingly at the spoils that lay ahead.

Nothing Is More Exciting Than A Hot Dog On A Warm Summer Day

This good boy really loves hot dogs. If you asked him if he wanted to go on a walk or snack on a hot dog, it’s obvious what he’d choose. We all need to find ourselves someone who looks at us the way he looks at hot dogs.

We wish we knew how this story ended. If there was a pupper in front of us begging for food like this, we wouldn’t be able to say no. Happy dog, happy life- that’s how the saying goes, right? Next, a kitten meets ice cream for the first time.

Ice Cream And Kittens Are Too Cute Together

Photo Credit: reddit
Photo Credit: reddit

This kitten is making one bold move while looking as pathetic as possible. She’s not sure if she’s allowed to have some ice cream, but her human hasn’t said no yet. The real lesson the cat is going to learn is that as much as it loves dairy, dairy doesn’t love it back.

It’s a rough life, kid. The ice cream and kitten might be adorably cute together, but the aftermath is nothing to laugh about. Let’s hope this little kitten is really on a rescue mission for the world’s shortest spoon!

Rabbits Don’t Know How To Beg

Clearly, no one has ever taught rabbits what the right way to beg for food is. This fluffy friend is locked on target and going straight in. According to the gentleman who posted this, he gave his rabbit a piece of an apple once and now gets this response every time.

The solution to the problem is to give up eating apples. Who needs their health benefits anyway? You can eat oranges, strawberries, cantaloupe, or any other kind of fruit your rabbit hasn’t tried yet. Ahead... a dog who must make the hardest decision of his young life.

The Struggle Between Food And Cuddles Is Real

Photo Credit: asrah_/reddit
Photo Credit: asrah_/reddit

This dog is having a hard time figuring out if food or cuddles are more important in its life. The struggle is real, and boy does that spaghetti look good! It’s got everything a growing pup need to be strong. But cuddling is so warm. What’s a dog to do?

Let’s be honest, this dog wants the spaghetti. He just doesn’t want to move to get it. Instead, you get the biggest puppy dog eyes possible. Come on, help a good boy out, what’s the worst that could happen; He becomes your best friend?

Now You Know Who’s Feeding The Dog Under The Table

Photo Credit: Dragondorff1/reddit
Photo Credit: Dragondorff1/reddit

This family learned very quickly why buying a glass table wasn’t a good idea. Now you know which cousin is feeding the dog scraps under the table! This dog is cute enough to get scraps, though. And that piece of steak its eyeing looks pretty good!

The glass table might not be the worst purchase of all-time. At least now they know where Rover is. It’s better he’s under the table waiting for scraps to fall than in the kitchen making a mess when no one’s paying attention. Next, the scary truth of what happens when cats team up to beg.

Cats That Beg Together Stay Together

Photo Credit: sunburnedtourist/reddit
Photo Credit: sunburnedtourist/reddit

These cats don’t want you to think they’re begging, but they are. Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows what it looks like when they’re jealous of your meal. Sometimes they look you straight in the eye until you give up the goods. Other times, like here, they act casual but make sure to stay within striking distance.

The person who originally posted this photo says they were trying to eat a smoked salmon bagel peacefully. That was their first mistake. Never try and eat delicious seafood with cats close by.

You Gonna Eat All Those By Yourself?

Photo Credit: Turtleramem/reddit
Photo Credit: Turtleramem/reddit

The chances that this dog’s owner is going to eat five massive tacos by himself doesn’t seem high. But are they willing to share the wealth? This dog certainly hopes so. With his eyes on the prize, it’s going to be a real test of patience not to jump on the counter and devour the goods.

We feel this pup’s pain and now we want tacos too. Delicious tacos with steak, chicken, cheese, lettuce, guacamole, and sour cream. Life doesn’t get much better. Right now life is a little “ruff” though. Still ahead, find someone who looks at you the way this dog looks at ice cream.

That’s The Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Photo Credit: BPterodactyl/reddit
Photo Credit: BPterodactyl/reddit

We’d really like to find someone who looks at us the way this dog looks at ice cream. Its never seen anything so glorious and delicious. The fact that it’s being flaunted in front of the dog’s face by the owner is just cruel.

At least give your dog a lick. Look how politely it’s waiting. Usually, dogs are only this focused when it comes to playing fetch. A green tennis ball has nothing on velvety smooth vanilla ice cream for this fur friend.

Hello There, Can I have Some Food Please?

Photo Credit: ChuckCassadyJR/reddit
Photo Credit: ChuckCassadyJR/reddit

Here this person was, trying to enjoy a good breakfast when Fido appeared out of nowhere looking for a treat. And by treat we mean bacon. What’s impressive is this dog’s tactic for food. It’s not begging, it’s just making it very inconvenient for you to eat your food.

Look, we get it. When bacon is involved, every animal in the house is going to appear out of nowhere. Probably some dogs from the neighbors’ houses too. This dog is just making sure he’s first in line to get the goods.

Hey Sir, Whacha Cookin’ There?

Photo Credit: Bored Panda
Photo Credit: Bored Panda

When you’re still cooking on the grill and your dog comes in for the kill you know they’ve reached a master level of begging that most animals will never achieve. This dog’s approach is most certainly unique.

Standing on two legs, attempting to mimic the human being, glaring at the meat as it continues to cook. This dog is so determined to get a bite that we have to assume they won their argument and were rewarded with a delicious hot off the grill meal.

Team Begging Is The Absolutely Worst And Cutest

Photo Source: Reddit / Drdub51
Photo Source: Reddit / Drdub51

It’s hard enough to say no when a single pet is staring at you with their big sad eyes now imagine four pets pulling off a coordinated stunt. Let’s face it, this guy didn’t stand a chance when his two cats and two dogs approached.

It’s almost as if these four pets got together, formulated a well-timed plan and then pulls it off with the type of precision we wish everyone in our lives could accomplish to make our days easier. Just give them all the food right now!

Excuse Me Neighbor Can I Trouble You For Some Food

Photo Credit: 9Gag
Photo Credit: 9Gag

It’s one thing when your own pet starts begging for food but what about your neighbor’s dog. This would be enough for me to purchase a privacy fence and install it. Pet begging can be annoying and this dog doesn’t even belong to the person who is grilling.

On the other hand, this dog takes the art of random stranger begging to a level that should be rewarded with at least a small bite of steak. Heck, I would probably give him a slab of meat just to wipe that sad begging look off his face.

I Nose You Are Eating Something Delicious

“I swear I’m just coming in for a sniff, I’m not trying to guilt you into giving me a bit of those delicious pancakes.” That’s the best interpretation we can take away from this dog’s attempt to beg for food.

This four-legged little friend was either super curious about the food on the table or they were attempting to create the funniest begging situation they could think of in the moment. Either way, this begging fail deserves a nice gooey maple syrup covered bite of deliciousness.

The Long Game


This dog wants some delicious cheesy sausage but they don’t want to be a bother for their owner. Honestly, if all pets begged like this it would be a lot more polite on their part. We don’t know if this was effective but it made for a great photo opportunity in that exact moment.

This might be the world’s best-trained dog based on the fact that they so patiently wait for a bit of food from across the room.

Dinner Time? Snack Time? We Outnumber You. Feed Us.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Ohirony
Photo Credit: Reddit / Ohirony

We have a feeling that turning down the begging of a dozen dogs doesn’t happen very often. Imagine walking int your home with a doggy bag and then trying to figure out which dog gets the leftovers.

The bigger question is why this person owns so many of the dogs. Also, how do they tell them apart, it’s almost like these dogs were cloned specifically for the purpose of begging for their owner’s food. You never get to eat in peace or even start cooking dinner for yourself with this many dogs in the house.

I… Just… Want… One… Cheeto

Photo Credit: iotheCorgi
Photo Credit: iotheCorgi

We’re not sure if it’s still begging if the dog actually goes for a piece of food with their tongue. This corgi was so far off their target it’s almost like they were just trying to be adorable so their own would feed them.

If your dog is trying this hard to snag a single Cheeto just go ahead and give them a bite. Sure they own you at that point but honestly, they probably owned you the moment you saw how ridiculously cute they were being with this failed attempt at stealing your food.

Give Me Your Food Human

Photo Credit: Reddit / BengGCakez
Photo Credit: Reddit / BengGCakez

Hey. Hey. Hey. Are you going to eat that? I could totally help you eat that and I’m way more excited about taking a bite then you are. This is pretty much a guaranteed “you are going to give me your food” look.

How can you possibly say no to a dog when they are this excited to get a very small piece of the food you are eating. Plus, look at that adorable crazy little face. Just give in now and provide them with sustenance.

Begging From Every Angle

Photo Credit: Reddit / TurboJugged
Photo Credit: Reddit / TurboJugged

It’s hard enough saying no to one dog begging by your feet. These dogs and a cat attack their owner’s senses from all sides. Not only do they beg, the dog at the top nuzzles up to their owner.

Let’s be honest for a moment, this guy deserves to be surrounded by begging animals because he decided to eat his meal on the floor. The dog in the large comfy chair is obviously the alpha in this house.

This Is Mine


Photo Credit: Reddit

This cat has broken from standard kitty protocol by begging for food instead of just expecting to be fed by their human. The look at their face says, “feed me now human or we are going to have problems in the near future.”

We’ve never actually watched a cat eat a sandwich but this furry little feline seems prepared to be the first of its species to eat a six-inch sub of their very own.

Mixed Species Begging At Its Most Adorable

Photo Credit: 9Gag

This is a tough situation to be placed in. Do you feed the begging baby while risking the chance that your four-legged friends are going to be disappointed in your decision to play favorites?

A lot of people fall into the trap of getting a pet before their first child and then raising that cat or dog like a human. In this case, the small child is learning to beg for their food by following the examples set by their furry little friends.

Please Give Me Pizza And I’ll Stop Making This Face


Photo Credit: Reddit / VacuumCleaners

When some dogs want to beg for your food they look at you with sad eyes that pull at your heartstrings. This is not one of those dogs. This little guy’s approach is to obviously look as insane as possible in the hopes that you’ll throw them some cheesy deliciousness.

I would probably feed this dog more than a cute little puppy that was begging, mostly because this four-legged buddy at least makes me laugh and not feel bad for not wanting to give them “human food.”

Perfecting The Sad Faced Pout

We’ve already mentioned that animals, specifical dogs, have perfected the pouty eye look. A simple glance is enough to turn even the most disciplined owners into food giving pet lovers. This dog has decided to relay on actual facial pouting.

If Grump Cat is the king of angry cat glances, this guy might be the dog version of a sad and hungry foodie who just wants to try whatever’s currently on your plate, you know, for research purposes.

I’m Ready To Serve That Food For You

Photo Credit: Reddit / OutaTowner
Photo Credit: Reddit / OutaTowner

Curiosity may have killed the cat but this dog seems alive and well and ready to chow down on a whole bunch of food. They almost look as if they are waiting to take that food to a table who ordered it. Nice try dog.

Now if they could only figure out how to turn a door handle, a bunch of snacks would be waiting for them just feet away from where they currently stand. Nice try furry little buddy but you’re not fooling anyone.

Just One Little Bite And I’ll Leave You Alone

Photo Credit: Amazing Creatures
Photo Credit: Amazing Creatures

This dog looks caught by surprise that his owner isn’t providing some of that delicious chicken and gravy for their own enjoyment. Admittedly, I don’t think I could turn down this dog’s hilarious attempt at begging for some fried chicken.

This is another good reminder that if you don’t eat at the dining room table your family pet is going to take your lower position to the ground and use it to their advantage in the hopes of eating some of your meal.

You Never Dine Alone When You Have A Dog

Photo Credit: Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

Most of the photos we found of pets begging were hilarious, sometimes a bit sad, but always right on point. This photo highlights the more sinister side of begging for food that most people will never experience.

This poor pet owner just wanted to eat their food in peace, instead, they ended up with a creepy moment in which a devil-looking dog stalked them in the hopes of grabbing a bit of their owner’s food. Please excuse me while I go and have a nightmare now.

Excuse Me Human, Give Your Master Some Food


It’s no secret that cats don’t really have owners, they just allow us to share a home with them and occasionally pet them if the desire so crops up in their little cat heads.

On occasion, a cat will allow us to see a different side of their species. This adorable little feline has no problem begging when they want to try a bite of whatever is sitting on the table. How can you say no to those little paws!

Who Wants The Food More?

Photo Credit: Postize
Photo Credit: Postize

In this epic battle of pre-schooler versus dog, there will be only one champion. Will mommy feed the child or give the dog a taste of whatever they are eating. This battle might come down to a battle of wills.

This isn’t the first photo we’ve shared of a child mimicking a dog and it probably won’t be the last. Kids love their furry family friends so perhaps this child will get the food and then hand it over to their furry buddy.

When Begging Leads To A Win

This furry little guy wanted to eat some cake and then he accomplished his goal. Look at the complete shock on this puppers face as he licks the ice off his owner’s snack in a glorious win for his furry little friends everywhere.

Sometimes you can deny your pets begging and other times the easiest thing to do is just give in and provide them with a tasty treat so they’ll leave you alone for a little while.