New Gardeners Should Dig Into These Plant-Saving Tips

Aspiring gardeners may struggle to grasp all the rules. From knowing the perfect time to plant seeds to figuring out your lawn’s soil type, gardening has so many rules that can make or break your experience. Where do you start?

New gardeners can breathe a sigh of relief because the pros have shared their top tips. Learn when not to clean your garden, and know how to choose the perfect fertilizer for your plants before wasting your money on one. Before diving into the soil, dig into these tips for beginner gardeners.

Keep It Close, Keep It Sunny

If you want your plants to grow tall, you’ll want the best location. Sun-loving vegetables like tomatoes need at least six hours of light per day, while other vegetables only like partial light. For the best garden spot, you’ll want to choose a place with both full light and partial light.

The sun shines through plum blooms.
Stefan Jaitner/picture alliance via Getty Images
Stefan Jaitner/picture alliance via Getty Images

You’ll also want to keep your garden close to home. Plus, ensure that your garden has easy access to water. You won’t want to lug water buckets to your plants every day. If you don’t have a quality hose or drainage system, consider investing in one.