Get Drafted, Buy Mom Her Dream Home: NFL Players Who Gave Back

Dreams do come true but with stipulations. Of the 73,660 players who played NCAA college football in 2016-17, only 1.5 percent made it to the NFL according to Of the 253 draft picks, 251 got drafted from the NCAA. So for 251 players, dreams come true.

As a sign of gratitude, once everything falls into place, some players pay it forward to their parents who sacrificed so much for them. Let’s go through and see some of these heart-warming stories of NFL players who gifted their parents once their dreams became reality. Just wait until you see what Amari Cooper did.

Early Promises Fulfilled

When you are young and you see your mother going through struggles, if you have any type of compassion then you would hope for all those struggles to end. Teddy Bridgewater’s mother, Rose Murphy, was a breast-cancer survivor when Bridgewater was just nine. He promised that he would give her an all-pink Cadillac when he grew up. Spike Lee heard of this story and reached out to the young quarterback after he was drafted.

Cadillac agreed to give Rose Murphy a free car. “I did not buy that Cadillac,” Bridgewater told USA TODAY Sports. “It was a Cadillac deal. They heard our story and wanted to just take action.” Needless to say, Rose was overjoyed.