The Cutest Guilty Dogs Showing Their Shame

You don’t have to be a pet owner to appreciate the look of shame and guilt on a dog’s face when something is wrong. When you see those infamous “puppy-dog eyes” — the big, wide-open, sad-looking even-seemingly apologetic gaze — it’s easy to tell that something is up, even if you haven’t seen the associated muddy footprints, half-eaten food, or torn up couch and clothes. As man’s best friend, pets get to know you pretty well, so they know what you consider acceptable. When they have committed one of any number of what they know is an unpardonable sin, their guilty glances often give them away.

Guilty Dog — Room Disaster


There comes a time in the lives of all pet owners when you return home to find a complete disaster. It could be a mess of torn paper, cushions, or just about everything in the room. And, there could be any number of reasons your dog has developed such a mess.

It could be that he’s just upset at you, he feels left out and alone, or he just doesn’t like some change in his life. There could be any number of reasons for the explosion of mess, and it’s usually fairly clear that your dog is sorry about it after the fact.